Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Wow! Lots of questions today so I will try to answer them.

Some people believe that sex is only for making babies. Does your family believe that or is sex also for pleasure? I know you want to have a baby now, but down the road can you use birth control or do you just abstain when you don't want to get pregnant?

Both. Pastor Jeff explained that sex is a gift from God and that like any gift it's supposed to be enjoyed but not abused and the best way to prevent it from being abused is to keep it the way it was designed. Anytime I don't want to do anything I don't have to but if I do want to do something then maybe having a baby will be part of it. At the same time in just a few nights I've found out how wonderful it can be to be with Steve and last night I finally had my first climax with him. And I'm not offended by very much so say anything you want I can handle it.

I suspect you all don't use birth control?

No, never. Shari is following her ovulation right now because she wants to have another baby but we're not supposed to do that to avoid a baby. Just don't do it if you don't want to but don't just have sex just to have sex because it is suppose to cheapen the bond in the family. I'm still learning all this so maybe later I can have a better answer for you about this.

Now a little bit of advice: You seem shy about some things so to just put it out there you already made your blog an adult blog so as a reader I'm aware you'll have adult content in it as I click in. Got it? Then don't be shy about using polite terms for the things you seem to want to talk about like penis, vagina, climax, breasts, semen, sperm, and etc. I'd be disappointed if you wrote like a pornstar because the way you write is so blessedly honest and natural already. Yet you should be able to move on and use the honest terms here.

I will try. I can't tell you how hard it was to write 'orgasm' in the first part of this but I did. I won't make promises on the rest but I will try. I sound like a little kid I guess but it's just embarrassing to write all these things.

It sounds like your sexual experiences so far are just man-on-top or are you trying anything else?

There have been other things and maybe I will write about it someday but not now.

Does your religion allow you to be more sexually adventurous as in having oral sex or etc.?

I think I answered this up above here already. Oral sex is not allowed because it is an abuse of sex.

I'm also curious is Shari still trying to have more kids?


And I saw Christie just had a baby but will she be trying to have more kids, too? If so, when?

I asked her this after Emmy was born and she said she thinks she's good for three or four more and will be open to it again after she heels from having Emmy.

And how do you feel talking with your sisterwives about your sexual experiences with Steve and what do you talk about?

Shari and Christie are pretty good talking to me about Steve but it's like Shari has all the wisdom and Christie tells me what to expect in bed. Shari knows Steve the best and knows what he likes and does not like about people and that was a LOT of help when I first came here because there were things about me that needed to change FAST so I would fit in. I made those changes and everyone was really happy with me and after I had Shari telling me good advice Steve started to be interested. Christie told me a lot of advice about sex and what to expect and that it was okay to tell Steve things I wanted because he was really nice about those things. It was good advice and I think my first time with Steve and then the last two nights went so well because of some of what she told me.

I am happy that Shari and Steve and Pastor Jeff have asked if you are sure about this, and have been so understanding. I think this is needed and it is very important. It's great that they respect the sanctity of marriage, and that religion is a big part of their life.

Everyone has been really caring about me all along. Even on Saturday night Steve asked me just before we started our first time if I was really sure and he said it was okay if I wanted to wait and that I didn't have to do anything just because it was our wedding night. Christ and God are a BIG part of things for our family and for the church because this all started in a way because no one believed in God and then everything got screwed up. God isn't about rules but about love and if we pay attention we can have a lot of joy and avoid the pain that breaks up most marriages and families anymore. Christie said that she had to learn that God never gave anyone any rules, he gave them warnings but it's not like God punishes you for what you do wrong you punish yourself. She said she used to have a very sinful life and she was suffering for it and she learned that God warns us about sin but lets us do it if we have to figure it out but that we can always come back and be forgiven. I'm still learning these things but it all sounds pretty true to me.

I am surprised about the generosity of Shari, to bring you guys breakfast in bed. You should hug her closely for that. I know how hard this is. Maybe you don't even realize. But she did an amazing thing there for you.

Shari does lots of amazing things for me and I always hug her and love her for them! On Saturday she told me that part of me marrying Steve was Shari and Christie giving him to me to share with them and I totally got it.

That is all for now but I don't mind questions if anyone has any. They make me think of things I don't think of on my own so you're helping me in a way. Thank you!


  1. Thank you for answering our questions in such an open and honest way.

    I have read a lot about different poly lifestyles and I have to tell you your story is like a polygamy fairy tale. Your family has been a great example of how polygamy should be lived. Your sister wives seem to be very unselfish, wise, and loving women and so far your husband sounds like a prince. I hope it continues. However, I am sure there will be issues and problems that you will have to face cause there always are in life. If the love and the faith of your family are real, you will grow into a stronger person as you deal with the bad times.

    Thanks again for sharing your story and may the happiness and joy you now feel last forever.

    (I know - a little melodramtic - sorry)

  2. I agree God is about love but let us take it one step further. To achieve true love you have to trust. God is about love but to get that love you have to trust his guidance. I think for most of us that is the hardest part especially in today's world. So to achieve the love you are looking for you need to fully and unconditionally trust in Steve and your sisterwives. God Bless and hope all your dreams come true.