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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012

Good Morning!

It was pretty quiet this morning and I have some time so I thought I would post an update.

Things are going pretty good. The summer has been kind of mild so far and that has been nice. The baby is coming along fine and so are Christie and Macy with their babies. It is a little weird to see us all pregnant at the same time. Hannah says we look like "Happy Feet" sometimes!

One thing different this year is we have Polish guys working on the ranch instead of Mexican guys. They are really awesome. They are Catholic and they go to church, no drugs or drinking, and they are amazing hard workers! They promised to stay on until the end of August and then they go back to school but for right now they are doing tons of work.

Cydne is fitting in just fine and is like part of the family now. She is like us and wearing maxi dresses or shorts around the house instead of farm dresses and all and she likes it a lot. She does a ton of work, too! Hannah has been less stressed with the help and that has been a good thing.

The chickens are doing great. Almost 1000 of them in the barn and all now and we get about 40 dozen eggs a day from them and that means around $200 a day coming in on them and that helps a lot. We have had some problems with stray cats and dogs lately. A lot of people I guess are letting their pets go thinking the country is a nice place for them but it isn't. Coyotes and now the wolves love to chase and kill the cats and dogs and we find what is left around the ranch every now and then. Pretty sad.

The men keep working in North Dakota because there is so much work and they want to make money when they can. Tab and Stevie have made enough that they are buying their own home and it should close escrow this week. We'll miss them being here but they need their own place and we could use the extra room. Christie will probably move back out to the guest house once Tab and Stevie move to their new place.

We had a couple from the church move back from Texas to be here and that was nice to see this week. They were in Houston working for some gas company and got laid off so they came back. They are really cute with two adorable little boys! The husband is going to take some work up north for now and the wife is going to be a stay at home mom. Both of them grew up in the church and it is kind of rare for kids who leave to come back.

It is time for me to go and get some stuff done but there is the update!

I am always good with questions if anyone has any and anonymous people can IM/email me if they want.

megancwinkler at

Happy Wednesday!