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Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 12, 2016

Just a quick post before I got to get going!

Our helper Amy moved in on Wednesday and OMG has she made a difference! So wonderful to have an extra pair of hands in the house! And she is probably staying on as wife #4 and that will be wonderful!

Both Steve and Christie are gone on work but we get Christie back in a couple weeks and that will be nice. Steve is busy for the summer and that is a very good thing because the oil business just stopped and really hasn't come back yet.

No baby news for now mostly because Steve hasn't been here. The family is doing fine. My little Patty got her first pair of glasses and she's having fun seeing things for the first time that she couldn't see before. It's been fun to be with her and discover the world all over again!

Not much poly news. Have to say I am disappointed that poly isn't legal yet but I guess I have to be patient.

I have two nice friends I am pen pals with and they make me think of things that I don't think I've ever shared here:

1. Kitchen Bouquet is an amazing thing to have for making tasty beef/bison/pork gravies!!!

2. Being a nanny is a great way to learn about having a family of your own!

3. And a lot of people are talking about politics and it's sad that the three people running are the best we can do. So our choices are the guy with the weird hair, the crazy old man who wants to try communism, and the lady who has AWFUL taste in clothes and then spends CRAZY money so she can look like a Romulan from Star Trek!!!

We all need to pray for our country!

Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone!