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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope all the Irish people (everyone is Irish today!)  reading this are having a great day!

We've got the corned beef and cabbage (with carrots and turnips) boiling in the kitchen and I had a couple minutes to put up a post.

The important stuff first: Cydne and I are both pregnant and it looks like we're due around the end of October. Can't really tell who will be first so for now we are just putting it in the Lord's hands! She's doing really well with the news and so am I. I was about ready to go again and I missed being pregnant.

We're switching from cattle to bison this year. Beef just isn't doing well for us and the bison can forage instead of needing all sorts of feed all the time. I know this may not mean a lot to city people but out here it's a big comittment to switch to bison.

I don't remember if I mentioned the two kids we were looking at taking in but we didn't. Tab and Stevie took them in and now they are going to try to adopt them. There was a tragedy with their mom and they need a permanent home now and not just a foster home. The situation needs prayer.

It has been crazy busy here and I am so sorry I don't have much time for this lately. I will try maybe after next month when things settle down more around here.

Happy St. Patty's Day and to all the Catholic folks congrats on your new Pope!