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Thursday, October 25, 2012

More babies!

Its been a CrAzY! month here!

On October 1 Macy had her little girl, Rebecca Anne who was 6lbs 7oz and 14 inches tall and is a tiny little thing but very healthy and born with a full head of black hair!

Then on October 18 Christie was blessed with another boy, Samuel Issac who was 8lbs 10oz and 19 inches tall and it looks like he will have some sandy hair when it comes in.

We had an early snow and the weather is cold so there has been an awful lot going on at the same time all three of us are with our babies most of the time. Hannah and Cydne have been a HUGE blessing because they do so much around here to help. I try to cook at least once a day to help but when I cook then someone else has to watch Malachi (who is getting the nickname of 'Mel' from everyone).

Malachi had a hard time for a week or so in late September and he ran a fever up to 101 and we were at the doctors office a lot. They ran a bunch of tests and didn't know what it was making him sick so they just did a lot of medicine and he got better but was really tired for a while after that. I had to wake him up to get him to eat a few times and that is just scary with a baby. He is doing okay now but is still catching up on his weight and I won't feel better until he is back to 100%.

The price of feed has been a big deal to us, too. Over the summer the places that buy my eggs wanted lower prices and last month I lost my two best customers because the price they wanted and then what I needed to charge didn't work out. I kept 50 chickens and 30 of the pullets for us and for maybe a little extra money but sold the rest to a place in town that paid me a good price on them. Losing the income hurts and I really can't make it up this year by cooking at the resort. We are doing okay with the cattle because we don't usually buy any feed for them and that is a good thing. Steve is doing really good working up in North Dakota all the time and he is back to having a full crew work for him again. There is some talk about oil drilling around here and I hope it happens so we can have Steve close to home all the time.

Cydne is going to stay with us and we will be doing a ceremony for her and Steve the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She really likes things here and she and Steve are happy with each other and she should make a nice addition to the family.

I wish I had time to write more but that is all for right now.

God bless you all and pray for our country with the election going on in a couple weeks!