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Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013

Thank you for all the nice comments and emails! Macy really appreciated them.

She also asked me to respect her privacy so other than this much I am not going to post any more on the baby. Please understand that.

Christmas and the New Year were kind of quiet, of course. My mom was up to visit and it was nice to see her. She and her boyfriend went to Yellowstone on the way home and really liked it. They are talking about leaving California and moving to Idaho to get away from the craziness in California. Her boyfriend runs a printing business and says if he spills some ink that it is a crazy big deal and he is supposed to spend all sorts of money cleaning it up. He says it is just cheaper to move to Idaho then to deal with all of that. They drove through Idaho on the way home and said there were some towns west of Boise they want to go look at in the spring. It would be nice to have my mom living closer to me and the family.

Cydne is doing fine. Like anyone else I guess she is doing a lot of growing up in a short time. She seems a lot more serious than before and that makes sense. She is doing a lot of sewing for everyone and we all got a lot of dresses and stuff from her for Christmas. She likes Western style so we all kind of look like a ranch family when we all wear her clothes. I am telling her to try selling her stuff online and she is thinking about it so she can make extra money. I will post the link to her site if she ever does this.

Steve and Tab are hecka busy with the work up in North Dakota. Steve even hired some of his workers from California to go help and that is a big deal. He says if some pipeline gets built from Canada he will bid on some of the work and that will be really awesome for him!

Christie is starting up her tax season and that means we don't get to see her much again until after April. It's crazy that she is in the house but might as well be somewhere else when she is so busy. I'm helping her out with the baby and I don't mind because Malachi is pretty easy to manage so having another baby to manage is not a problem.

There is a chance that we might be taking in a boy from a family that is having real hard problems. The father is going to prison for killing someone when he was drunk driving and that leaves his family needing help. They are a couple with four kids and the wife is keeping her two youngest but is hoping to get her two older kids taken in. We're looking at taking in the 11 year old boy. He's really nice and would be a lot of help around here. They need to do this because the couple lost their house and the wife is staying with her sister and the sister doesn't have enough room for everyone. We are all agreeing that we don't mind doing this but we're also keeping it in prayer.

I am back down to about 100 chickens again. Sold a bunch of them for meat in the last couple months and put the money away for feed and stuff. It is really quiet in the barn now but the remaining chickens seem pretty happy and I am getting a good amount of eggs from them.

We've had bison on the property again and we've put out some hay for them on the far side of the ranch to keep them away from the cattle. Haven't seen any wolves so far this winter but we did get our fox come back to visit. He's looking kind of old and has a little gray on his snout. We put out cat food for him and he likes it.

That is about all for right now. It is a cold Saturday and I have bread baking for dinner so the house smells really nice right now.

I haven't done questions for a really long time so if anyone wants to ask anything go ahead.

Happy New Year!