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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote anything here!

There's been a lot of problems for us and now that they're finally over we are hoping to get back to normal. The big problem was someone reported us because they thought Cydne was underage and it took a lot to prove she wasn't because her family never got her a legal birth certificate. She has one now but it meant going to court and getting the court to accept the records we had. Cydne's family never registered any of their children with the government because they don't believe the government has any business involved with people's families. I believe the same thing.

For a little while it was kind of scary thinking that we could have serious legal problems but the church has good attorneys and it all got sorted out.

Another problem we had was a dispute over water. We have a creek on the property and the previous owners put up a small dam to make a pond and one of the neighbors sued us to take it down. We ended up winning because the judge said we were not taking the water for farming, just holding it back for a pond and she said that was just fine. We used to let these neighbors ride their horses across our land and now we told them to stay out after this and it is really sad to see things go like this.

There's been other stuff but it involves other people and they asked that I don't write about it.

Baby News: Cydne and my pregnancies are doing fine. Christie is trying but Macy is taking some time off from having babies to focus on Jacob and she says she will have another baby when she thinks it is time. She tried for a little while but then just decided to stop.

Christie's little girl Emmy started reading this spring and really took to it. When we're driving now she tries to read everything she sees and is really excited about it! It's so awesome to see her want to learn things! My girls are doing ABC's and numbers but are not reading yet. We all read to the kids and we do story time most days now to help get them started with the reading.

Christie's little boy Eric is driving one of the small tractors around the yard now and he is pretty good at it! He wants to be a construction worker like his daddy and wants to use the little yard tractor to pave a road someday. He's really cute too!

One of our weird things this summer was when Cydne was digging in the garden and she noticed these little rocks that look kind of weird. They are called octahedrons and they have triangles on each side. She collected eight of them and they're not so big but one is about 1/4 of an ounce. Christie looked them up and took some with her to Boston on a trip and a man she knows there said they were diamonds! How cool is that? We found out diamonds can be found around here and they're not the really valuable kind but it's still so awesome to dig and find one! It makes you feel like you have treasure!

We are all kind of excited about the Supreme Court decision on marriage. The pastor says it is just a matter of time now before poly is legalized. I think it would be really awesome for it to be legal because then it would let families like ours stop having to be quiet about it. It would be nice to go shopping with everyone and not worry what people are thinking.

My chickens are doing well. We took in some rescue chickens from the animal shelter and they were so sad! They were thin and missing all sorts of feathers and they were so dirty and smelly! Every one of them got a bath for mites and they've been getting fed and pampered and you can just see them go from being scared critters to happy critters! It really broke my heart to see them in such bad shape and I am going to make sure they have long and happy lives to make up for it.

That's about it for right now. I am marinating beef ribs for a picnic we're having later here at the house. Two of the families we are friends with are all coming over around four so there is still a lot to do.

God bless you all!