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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Welcome Anna & Christian!

Just a quick post here!

Early Wednesday morning (May 10) Amy brought her beautiful daughter Anna Lisa into the world!
Amy's labor went all day on Tuesday and she gave birth just after 3am on Wednesday morning.
Anna Lisa is perfect! She's 19 inches long, five pounds and ten ounces but that's not a problem because she's small like her mother. Amy was five pounds and three ounces when she was born and is very petite!

Then yesterday Cydne was in the shower and her water broke! How awesome is that??? (-:

We figured she'd be in labor all day and just an hour later she delivered Christian Michael who's a big baby at 22 inches long, nine pounds and eight ounces. He arrived before the midwife got here!

Both babies are healthy and perfect! And everyone else is EXHAUSTED!!!! 

I hope all of you are doing wonderful too!!!

Blessings on us all!!!

- Megan

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Answers to your questions...

From Andrew:

1. Tell us about the first time someone walked in on you and Steve in the middle of making babies?

A: I won't describe the situation but I will say that the person who walked in was polite and discreet and didn't make a big deal about it.

2. What was the hardest thing to get used to with sex?

A: The awesome responsibilities that come along with it. I just don't ever understand how some people can talk about sex being a casual thing! It's an irreversible commitment and if there's a baby then it's a lifetime commitment. That's the hardest thing to get used to.

3. You've mentioned before that you sometimes skip the bra and panties. Do you find this to be sexy?
A: It's also very practical!

4. Have you had an orgasm from sex?
A: Of course.

5. Do you have sensitive nipples? What about your breasts?
A: I doubt that I'm more sensitive than anyone else.

6. What's the difference for you with sex when you're in the mood and when you're not?
A: It depends. Even if I'm not in the mood I always like the attention.

7. You've mentioned skinny dipping in the past. Do you still do it? Is this something just the adults do or is it a family thing?
A: It's a family thing but the skinny dipping part is almost always at night so it's not like everyone sees everything. Besides it is really practical when you don't have to wash a bunch of bathing suits afterwards!

8. Describe a time when you caught Steve and someone else having sex. What did you think of it? Jealous?
A: You know it's just something that happens in a crowded house. It's just something you run into and you have to be polite and close the door and go on with your day.

9. Did you give Amy or Cydne any advice before they consummated their marriages to Steve? What was it?
A: Nope.

10. Do the women still wear dresses all the time?

A: Outside of the house we do unless we're riding the horses or helping Steve. Around the house it's whatever is more comfortable and in the summer time that means dresses!

11. Aside from yourself who else looks good when she's naked or braless?

A: I like to think we all look pretty good! (-:

12. Do your kids ever ask you personal questions about sex? How do you handle that?

A: I wouldn't call them personal questions but just normal questions from kids who grow up on a ranch seeing sex all the time. They see the animals doing it and then they eventually connect that with how babies are born and then the questions come. I try to be as honest as I can and still letting my kids have their childhood.
13. Do you ever try anything other than straight sex?

A: I don't think so, no.
14. When do you feel the sexiest?

A: After I've had sex and when I'm pregnant. I know that sounds weird but it always makes me feel desired and to me that's sexy!

15. What's the best way to seduce you?

A: Love my children! <3 p=""> 
16. Do you ever initiate sex with Steve or does he always call the shots?

A: Yes and no.
17. Does anyone in your church or family read this blog? Is that embarrassing to you?

A: It's been a long time since anyone I know in real life has talked to me about it so I guess they don't read it a lot. If they do that's fine.
18. Do you talk to people outside of your family about sex? Do the ladies at church ever talk about it with you?

A: Women talk about everything! So yes ladies at church talk, too!

19. Say you had not met your family, would you have still tried poly?

A: Tried it? Probably. I think the better question is if I had not met my family would I have stayed in poly and I don't think I would have.
20. What do you think your life would be like if you were in a non-poly marriage now?

A: You know I honestly don't think it makes that much difference. You can be happy or sad in any relationship and it just has to do with how lucky or blessed you happen to be to meet the people who ware right for you.

From Susan:

Q: Do you want your children to follow in your footsteps and have poly relationships or do you care one way or another?

A: I want them to be happy. If that means getting married at 16 as a first wife and starting a family, going to college, starting a business, or getting married as a second wife at 21 then whatever makes them happy is what I want for them.

From Drea:

Q: What are the biggest misconceptions about raising a Poly family?

A: That it's just like it is on TV. Everyone has a different experience and I think we're about the same as other families with our problems. We go to the doctor, we have bills to pay, we worry about things, and it's a lot of constant work to keep up with everything. People like Andrew focus on the sex and they don't get that it's not a big orgy or anything anymore than any other marriage is a big orgy.

Q: How is being in a Poly family different than you thought it would be before you married Steve?

A: I hate to say I really didn't have any idea what this was going to be like when I married Steve. I just knew it was a loving family and I really wanted to be in a happy family for a change.

Q: What is the best thing about living Poly? What is the hardest?

A: The best thing is you're never alone! If you need help with something there's always someone there and then the best compliment is when someone needs you for help! The hardest thing? Having to keep everything so secret all the time. It will be nice someday when I can start putting pictures of our family on here and not worrying that police and social workers will show up to arrest everyone. That's the hardest part.

Q: What advice would you give someone who was interested in this type of lifestyle?

A: It's a lot of work. You have to be ready to lose a bunch of your friends. You have to be ready to be really different from other people and to have them treat you like you have a disease if they find out about you. I'd suggest meeting a poly family and getting to know them before you get into this. Find out if what they deal with all the time is worth it to you.

Q: When you guys are bringing in another wife, is there ever a discussion or worry about STD's? How do you guys handle that?

A: There's a trip to the doctor for new wives who come in from outside the church. Church girls like Cydne and Amy see the doctor all the time anyway so it's not a worry for them.

From Anonymous:

Q: Do you and your sister wives share the same feelings about sex and love?

A: I think we do. We all get along and seem to be happy with our lives.

Q: Did all of you have the same experience with Steve when you first married him?

A: No, we didn't. We're different people and we came into it with different feelings and ideas and all had our own experiences with joining the family.

Q: How do you feel about the rush to get pregnant when you first get married?

A: It makes sense to me but at the time it felt like that was my #1 reason for being here was to have babies. What's ironic now is that I feel the same way about new wives (in any family) is I don't really take them seriously until they're pregnant because I've seen women change their minds and leave a family after a few weeks.

Q: What do your sister wives feel about it?

A: It wasn't ever an issue for Christie, Cydne was totally into it, and Amy was more like me and had to adjust to life. But then we all end up seeing it the same way and it makes sense that having babies is just as important as the wedding because it helps a woman commit to her husband and her family.

Thank you for all the questions!

Okay and I am up early this morning because Amy is in labor! (-:

Yay!!! Can't wait to share the good news!!!

- Megan