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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Questions & Answers

It's been a long time since I've taken any questions and I figured it is a good time. I'll probably let this sit here for a couple weeks so hopefully there are a few questions on it.

Ask anything you want and I'll do my best to answer you honestly and completely. Don't worry about going out of bounds because I won't get offended or anything. Promise!

- Megan


  1. Hello Megan,
    Nice to hear from you.

    If you are interested in having a Facebook page, why not create one? There is nothing illegal about your living arrangement, and isn't it time to stop worrying about what others think? I know that you are waiting for polygamy to be legalized, but people may not even be using Facebook anymore by the time that happens. Just a thought.

    Hope all is well!

  2. H, the problem that many poly families have with going public is not so much a legal problem as a family services or child protection problem. If CPS seizes Megan's children then there's very little recourse for the family to get their children back unless they alter their living arrangements.


  3. Hello Marcus,
    Parents have legal rights to their children, regardless of their married status. When children are removed from the home, CPS must show preponderance of the evidence to a Judge within 48 hours to support the reason for removal, and having living in mothers is not one of them. (Actual terms may depend on the state.)

    If you are talking about the raid at the YFZ ranch in Texas, the drama in that case stretched things out, but the children were returned when the evidence provided proved false.

    That aside, living one's life in fear of dangerous possibilities, instead of shaping one's life according to what is right makes one a smaller and smaller person. Anyone who wants to live that way, is free to live that way.

  4. Helene, I appreciate Megan's POV given that 30 years ago I was in my 30's and in love with a 16 year old girl. 100 years ago no one would have cared. But in 1985 and today it's a crime. For all the prattle this society makes about letting people love whoever they want they really aren't that far off of being Puritans. Just as Megan is wise to keep some parts of her life private my wife and I had to do the same until she was old enough to legally marry me. Most people these days would call the early part of our relationship sick or perverted yet we had two lovely children and we had twenty great years together before she lost her fight with cancer.

    I suppose more and more people these days are shaping their lives to accommodate a more and more intrusive government and that Megan posts anything at all is most impressive to me.

    And, Dear Megan, here are some questions for you:

    1. Any regrets?
    2. Is six children enough?
    3. Will there be any more wives in the house?
    4. Any worries about brucellosis with the bison?
    5. Are you happy?

  5. In your much earlier blog posts you hinted about your first time with Steve not being completely consensual. Care to elaborate?

  6. Why did you choose this lifestyle and are you happy with the choice?
    What are the high points (Other than your children) of living with your family and is there anything you regret with your decision?

  7. Hello Marcus,
    I'm sorry to read that you lost your wife, and the mother of your children. You are very lucky to have had 20 years with a loved one.

    It was Megan who expressed that she wanted a facebook page, not me. I don't have a facebook page either.

  8. As a long term reader & appreciator of Megan's blog, I wanted to post and introduce myself to anyone who might want to correspond. I'm a Christian gentleman, who isn't trolling this lifestyle because of a kink or for entertainment. I'm genuinely interested and realistic about the benefits and challenges of poly marriage.

    Not one to talk much about myself in public, but I'm a responsible, hard working guy with traditional values, and a sense of humor and fun. I'm financially secure, and do want to have a family. I have a charitable heart towards women and people who have been through challenges in their lives. So if there are any ladies out there who'd like to at least correspond with a decent, genuine guy, I'd enjoy getting to know you.

    Also, I respect your privacy and need for security online, so if you would prefer to speak to Megan first, she can vouch for my authenticity and interest. I'm not big on social media, so the best way to reach me is with an email -

    Hope to hear from you soon!