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Monday, May 17, 2010

Late night

I just got Patty to go to sleep and wanted to write a little before going to bed. This has been a major change in life having Patty and Laura. Getting to be around Emily so much helped me get ready but it is different when the babies are yours. You can't EVER ignore it when your baby cries even when you know someone else is going to take care of things for you it still makes you jump up and worry when you hear them cry. There is no sleeping when they cry and the thing with twins is if one of them cries then BOTH of them cry. I am SO thankful that I have help so someone else can take one of them when I have one in my arms. This would be insane to do this alone!

So much to write about!

We move a week from Friday. Or we start moving. I am going to drive Christie's car with the girls and Macy and we are towing a trailer and following Steve in his big truck. That is suppose to happen on Memorial Day Monday. Steve thinks we should be okay driving that day and says we should make Salt Lake City by the end of the day and we are staying there for the night before going to the new house.

I have never lived outside of California so this will be so new and with a new family too. I could write a million words about all the the stuff on my mind with this and still have more to say. I am really excited but sad to go too because it seems so permanent all the changes anymore.

It will be nice for my babies to grow up in a place with no crowds and clean air and no ugly city to look at all the time. It will be cool for them to get to play in the snow when it happens and I am looking forward to that too! You don't get snow here ever and you only get to see it up in the mountains.

I am really tired and this is not looking too good what I'm writing but I will post it anyway.

Have a nice night!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pretty amazing!

It is now nine days since my little girls were born and I can harldy believe so much time has gone by already! Patricia and Laura are doing really well and you can already see a lot of difference with them. Laura is happy and noisey and Patricia is more quiet. Both of them look me in the eye when they look at me and it is just so it makes your heart just get all soft and fuzzy!
With the two of them I am pretty busy all the time and have no time for anything else so I can tell I won't be on here a lot for a while.

Thank you to everyone for the nice thoughts and the gifts but please don't send any more gifts, okay? It is really nice but I didn't start writing this to get anything from anyone. We have everything we need and more so if you want to help someone else with a gift that is what I would really want! (-:

I had a couple days where I was kind of sick and was sleeping an awful lot and I was told this can be normal. Supposed to be that I am just exhausted and needed time to sleep. I feel better now but it was pretty weird when it was happening.

I am doing situps in the morning to help get my tummy back in shape and Christie is being my coach and helping! She says the sooner I get back in shape the easier it is. She says if I wait then it can be kind of hard to lose the baby fat and all. I'm not too bad I weigh 18 pounds more than I did before the babies so it should not be too hard to get back to normal.

That is it for now. I need to get back upstairs. Have a great weekend and thank you to everyone!