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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Questions & Answers

charmed said...
yay! *does the happy question dance*

how many kids does Steve have now?
how many kids do you think you will have?
has your family's money situation gotten any better?
How is Sheri doing?
how is the show sisterwives? I don't have cable
how are your girls doing?

Steve has nine kids now with eight of them living at home.

I'm thinking I'll have four to maybe seven kids? I'm not sure and I'm just going to do one at a time I hope!

Sort of.

She's settled down in her new place and Lauren and Hannah are going to see her sometime after the New Year.

I'm not watching 'Sisterwives'. I don't think Macy is either.

Patty and Laura are doing really well. Patty is really strong and is doing things ahead of a lot of schedules for infants and Laura is just being my angel.

Helene said...
How about sending us an update on Renee Rachel? We've hardly heard anything about her!

She is doing fine but is missing her mom. Macy does most of the care for Rachel and her little boy Jacob just because it makes sense for some practical reasons. Rachel has a lazy eye and the doctor says it will be something to look at when she gets a little older. Other than that she seems just great!

Abby Waccon said...
Would you ever consider adding another wife or do you have a friend that you want as another wife?

I won't say never but I will say not now. I hate to say too but I really don't have any of my old friends anymore.

Alice said...
Pass on my best wishes to Macy and give Jacob an extra smile too. Boys often are VERY different from girls. Wait until he starts moving around! Now that will be fun!

Do you plan to get more livestock in the Spring, such as dairy cattle? What livestock do you currently have? Goats, horses, pigs... that sort of things?

Shari had been in the house in back. Is the house being used for something else now?

How does everyone feel about the more casual attitude towards wearing dresses? Have the older girls changed what they wear too?

As you can tell, I'm curious as to how well all of you have settled into the new place now that you've been there for a while.

We won't be running dairy cattle here because it is too cold. We have our horses and they don't mind the snow too much and then the cattle we have are doing fine so far. The guest house is closed for the winter to save money on heat and all and we will probably open it up in the spring and use it then. Being more casual has been nice but we still dress up for church. Lauren and Hannah are liking it but for them it means they get to wear shirts and jeans. We're settled in and it seems like home now. None of us really miss California all that much because there is so much freedom here. Like if Lauren goes riding she can wear a gun and no one around here will care. I like it because it is so quiet and you don't hear a freeway or anything except the birds and all.

Robyn said...
There have been alot of changes. e.g. moving house, Shari leaving. How does Steve share his time between his 3 wives. Has this changed since you first joined the family? Are you happy with how it is now? Does everyone have enough time?

Yeah, we are all pretty happy with how things are. Not a lot to talk about that way we just seem to all know what is right for everyone and we go with it that way.

~Heidi~ said...
Megan, now that you are truly settled in this lifestyle:
1. What is your support system outside of your family?
2. Do you ever wish you were an only wife?
3. How have you adjusted to having Macy added to the family?
4. Has there been any change in hierarchy since you went from being the third wife to the second? Is there that kind of hierarchy in your home?
5. How are you liking the new home? Do you miss NorCal?

1. Not much. My old friends don't have much to do with me anymore and makes me wonder if they think you can 'catch' being poly or something. My mom has a boyfriend now so we don't talk much. My other support system are my online friends. I chat with some people on Yahoo when I can and there are some sites I go to and chat with friends sometimes and then there is this. I used to get a lot from the blog but it got kind of nasty and that made me back off a bit, I guess. But I do have some good friends from here I email with when I can.

2. Not any more. I would not want this any other way anymore.

3. Just fine. She's really easy to get along with. She's mostly quiet but she has this really sweet loving side to her that just makes you feel special when she turns it on. She is a really special friend to me and always will be.

4. No, we just all have our own thing. No one lords it over anyone else in things.

5. I don't miss California at all. We don't worry about nosy people here and that is the very best thing. California people are hypocrites because they are all into the gay rights and all but then they are hard core about poly. Here no one cares just that they want you to be a good neighbor is all. I think most of our neighbors know who we are but they see the kids are nice, we keep things really clean, we're not trailer trash, and we don't want to turn the place into another California so they like us and we get left alone.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's time for questions!

I'm just not thinking of stuff to write so I figure it is time to let you all ask questions.

You can ask anything you want. I may not answer it if it's too gross or whatever but feel free to leave that up to me. If you want to ask anonymously I'm okay with that.

Jacob is doing good and so is Macy. He's not very quiet and I guess that just means he's a boy! (-:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome Jacob!

Macy had her little boy on Thursday night and his name is Jacob. He's got the blackest hair I have ever seen on a little baby and his eyes are baby blue but that might change. Macy did really well with the labor and started late on Tuesday. We got her into the hospital for the birth and it went fine really. Both of them are home now and doing great.

I'd write more but my heart just isn't in writing right now. I don't know why.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving was a really great time and I hope it was good for all of you, too!