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Sunday, October 30, 2016

+ Seven!!!

My big news is that I am confirmed pregnant with my seventh baby! I'm about six weeks along and due in the middle of June! It's crazy I know but I'm really happy about it and we're going to have at least three infants all at the same time here!

The reality that our nice house isn't big enough has Steve planning a new part of the house to connect the guest house to the main house and that will make it all one big house. It's too late in the season to do anything right now but he is thinking to start on it in the spring. He's agreed to make the extension look just like the rest of the house so it fits in. Our old house in California was kind of bad with it being like four different houses all up against each other and it looked tacky.

To answer the two questions on the last post that look like they're from the same person:

1. Are you going to delete your Yahoo account like so many other poly people are doing right now?

A: Why would I delete my Yahoo account? I changed the password and that should be fine.

2. So if your daughters want to get married at 16 to some older man are you going to be okay with it?

A: Yes, I will. I mean it has to be legal but I'd say yes if that's what they wanted to do. I wish I had done that myself and I wish I knew I could have done it. My parents probably would have been happy to get me out of the house anyway.

I don't know why people get so upset about this kind of thing because it used to be normal in the USA. My great-grandmother was 13 when she married my 16yo great-grandfather in Nebraska and no one thought they were crazy or anything it was just normal. Not every girl should be forced to go to college and have massive college debts that she can't ever pay off. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to grow up to be a mom and a wife and I'm really not that patient with people who think you're a loser if you want to be old fashioned.

My question now to everyone else is do you think it's wrong for a 16yo girl to get married and start a family if that's what she wants to do? Also, please say when/if you got married and why that was right for you or if you'd do it any other way.

Happy Fall to everyone!

Hugs and Love,