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Friday, January 29, 2010

February 2010 National Geographic

Has anyone seen this? The front page is about polygamy with the FLDS. I was given this to read by a friend of mine and now I can see why so many people ask if we are FLDS. There is so much in common that it is crazy.

Steve told me that the church borrowed a lot from the Mormons on how to do polygamy since they were doing it for a long time and he says a lot of it makes sense. Some of the the things that we do are like putting wives with other families sometimes but it is not without their saying something about it. Macy could have said no to being with us if she wanted. We do not have any prophets and the pastors are prohibited from doing a lot of things so they don't have too much power.

The thing that I saw in the magazine that was so us was how each wife has something she does that makes her special in the family and that is the same with us. We are all supposed to do something special so we have a special place in the family. Maybe that helps with the jealousy problem because I don't know of too much jealousy.

One thing we don't do is to get the boys to leave. Boys usually got to college or something and then they can stay in the church or leave if they want and no one has ever said anything about any boys having to leave.

The dresses are not required but everyone (women) wears dresses for church and some families do it at home too. Shari agreed to stop requiring this and I am grateful for that because working in the yard in a dress is not always easy and in the summer I don't want to wear a dress all the time. We just wear regular dresses and not prarie dresses. The magazine did not say why prarie dresses are required with the FLDS. Anyone know why they can't just wear plain old modest dresses?

We allow televisions but computers and cell phones are sort of shunned. I still don't understand that but it is nice to not have the TV on all the time and I don't think the FLDS are really missing anything by not having TV. Maybe that is a good idea not to have TV.

I found out that we also borrow from the Muslims. We have a rule about hospitality that you are not supposed to accept or give hospitality with someone you don't like because it is a kind of a lie. That makes a lot of sense to me. And we are also expected to protect anyone we have in our house as a guest. For us that means if someone visits and gets sick we take care of them until they are well and we don't just send them home or if their car breaks down at our house we help them and don't just call the tow truck. That makes sense too.

Time for school. Go look at that magazine! It is a good story and it looks like it is really fair to the FLDS.

Monday, January 25, 2010

20 answers

I need to answer the questions from the other day so here goes.

charmed said... is everyone adjusting to having a 4th wife?

I guess so far it isn't a big deal because Macy fit in pretty good anyway. A lot of the time it is like nothing changed so it's easy to say she is fitting in. there enough room for everyone and all the potential children that could come from steve having 4 wives.

I think so. We have some rooms that are being used for other things right now that can be made into bedrooms if we have to do that.

3.does Macy have a job or does she just help out with the kids and around the house?

Macy helps around the house and that is what she wants to do.

4. have you picked names for your babies yet?

I am naming one of them Patricia for Shari's mom and the other I don't know yet. I am thinking maybe Renee or Leah but I am not sure yet. do your church feel about non-religous poly people

I don't really ever hear much said about non-religious poly people. I know there are a lot more of them around than there are religious poly people and no one seems to care about them. People just seem to get all upset if you're poly and religious but if you are not religious and you want to be poly it seems like that is okay.

Fallen Star said...
How does Macy's former family (I think the husband was named Paul) feel about Macy being with your family now?

I don't know. Peter and Lisa left the church after they moved away and I don't know any more than that.

How does your Pastor feel about Macy being with your family now, since she left the old family?

It was his idea for her to be here and he brought her here so he must be okay with it.

Joe said...
I would like to ask about the practical, daily religious life of your family.
1. You've talked about how your church works by meeting at various members' houses, but do you have any type of daily worship or instructional program for the children led by Steve or the wives?

We have a prayer time at dinner and then every Friday night we have family time and we will watch a movie or something and sometimes we will talk about the Bible after that. It's not like being religious is all we do. Mostly it is just regular stuff going on like anyone else would have going on.

2. Do you plan to send them to public school or home-school?

I want to home-school just like Shari did with her girls. If I can pay for it it would be nice to have them go to a private or Christian high school when the time comes.

3. Is Steve more of a "head of the household" type, or is your family more egalitarian? How would you describe his leadership (or just what kind of person he is) in the home to the wives and the children?

In most things Steve is in charge but then in some things he isn't. He is supposed to make decisions about a lot of things but then when it is really big then everyone has to agree to it like adding a wife or moving somewhere else. Mostly we all go along with him because he makes good decisions and not just because he is the man.

Mavis said...
I have another question. Did your church evolve out of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh commune in Oregon? Thanks!

Our church did not have anything to do with that.

Mavis also said a lot in her comment on my other post and the one thing she said I really will agree with.

you really need to grow up

Yes, I do.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stuff going on.

First, the picture I posted broke a promise that I made that I was not going to post personal pictures on here or share them with anyone anymore. I got in a TON of trouble for that at home.

What happened is Kaiser has a website you can log on to your account and see this stuff on and I was bugging someone to help me with it. She just pulled a picture off the web to make me shut up and she said "That's an ultrasound picture." She never said it was mine but I thought it was. I was totally not supposed to post it but I did and I also sent it in email to my mom.

Second, I put my family in trouble because I trusted somoene on Yahoo and told them more than I should have. So we had a reporter from Canada contact Steve at his work and she also talked to Pastor Jeff. I got in tons more trouble for that and for a few days I really expected to be kicked out and I am very happy that I am not being kicked out. The reporter interviewed some people from the church but not me and there might be a story on her news program. I won't be able to tell anyone if the story is about us.

Third, I found out that someone I kind of know on here by one name is someone I know in real life by another name and that has been weird. His posts won't be published on here anymore.

Fourth, I know a lot of you are upset with me about the picture thing and I am sorry. But everyone who wants me to prove anything I am sorry too because I never asked anyone for ANYTHING when I started this. It is just my diary of the way I see things and that is it. No one gets asked for money or anything and I totally will not take presents from anyone on here.

Fifth, my life is NOT perfect. Not all the things that happen go in here and not everything about my life before this is in here.

Anyone who wants to think I am fake is fine with me. I guess if all I post in here is the good stuff then that is fake anyway. I will try to be more honest in here in the future.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

20 Questions

So I can't think of anything to write so if anyone wants to ask some questions go ahead and I will answer them.

The one bit of news is Christie's home pregnancy test says she is pregnant. She is going to see the OB later to make sure. It would be so cool for her if she is!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2010 will be much better for all of us than 2009 was for so many people.

I think I had my best Christmas EVER this year! My mom came up to the house to have Christmas with us and she said she is really happy for me now. She says she can see why I'm happy with the life I chose here and she says she is looking forward to being a grandma. I think the part about the grandkids has a lot to do with my mom being more accepting. Shari said that her parents were not so happy about her marrying Steve but when she had Stephanie it all changed because they knew that if they didn't soften up they would not get to be around their grandchildren.

I'm about half-way with the babies and it is still a very big adjustment to me. The thing with the church wanting a wife to be pregnant makes a lot of sense to me now because once you're pregnant you really, really are going to be a part of the family and not leave. It is funny\weird that when you have the choice to leave it is not so big a deal but then once I was pregnant and that choice went away then it became a lot more important even if it wasn't something I wanted. It is settled now that I am a mother and a wife and I will always be one. It's peaceful to know this but I guess it is still a little scary to know that the rest of my life is all set now.

We had Stephanie and her husband to the house for Christmas and they were really happy. Stephanie is enjoying being a housewife and she is really having the best time being with her husband and I am really happy for her with that.

Christmas Eve was when Macy decided to take the next step with Steve and she is doing fine. It wasn't so hard for her because she had done these things before but it is a big commitment and she's like me not wanting to ever leave here but also being a little scared of the commitment.

Christie is doing good and is still looking forward to being a mom again and we're hoping she can do that maybe this year. Her busy time with taxes is already starting and she says she will be back at it on Monday and we won't see much of her until April.

My chickens are doing good but I lost one the Saturday after Christmas. I was out feeding them and this one chicken just fell over and was twitching and then she was gone just like that. The vet said it was probably just a seizure and not to worry but she is coming out to see the rest of the chickens on Monday just to check.

I have not been on here a lot lately just because having everyone around for the holidays has made me want to be with them. Next week I go back to school and then with my regular thing going on and everyone else busy I will probably be on here more.

Happy 2010 to you all and God Bless you!