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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31, 2016

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts about the passing of my mom. I really appreciate that so many people who really don't know me that well would care so much! You're all very wonderful people!

We spread my mom's ashes on the mountain up behind our ranch and it was crazy to walk back to the house after that and know that her whole life and who she was is just over. At least she got to see her grandchildren and that's a good thing.

I will admit still having mixed feelings. I wish I were more upset but my mom was more or less not around anymore after she met meth and meth was the love of her life. We had some nice moments the past few years but in the middle of it all she would lie and I think she even stole from me the last time she was at the house. Somewhere along the line I will either let it go or just move on.

At home we've had some changes. Christie is going to be away on work most of the time for a while so I'm actually the senior wife around the house most of the time now and that's weird. Steve is home a lot these days and we also added our helper Amy to the family and she and Steve are working on a baby. Steve is working on that same thing with me and Cydne, too. It won't be long before there's news from someone!

Life at the ranch is good. We sold off some of the bison herd and got $4.55 a pound and that was pretty awesome. We had a good calving season so we're actually up by almost ten head even after the sale so next year looks pretty good, too!

We put in 30 apple trees this week and we're hoping that they make it through the winter and maybe we'll have apples in a few years. Next year we'll put up a deer fence to stop the critters from eating the leaves and fruit before they show up bot for right now they just need to grow.

I got my first dental crown and that was actually nice. I didn't realize how much pain I was in from my tooth until the dentist fixed it. My left side of my mouth had swollen up so it was dentist time and he said it was a bad filling and the good news was it didn't need a root canal. My lesson is to go to the dentist more often.

We've been getting a LOT of contacts from people in the media wanting to do programs on poly people and we've been saying no. We don't want the attention. I guess it's thing with the media right now.

It's been a long time since I really wrote too much and it would be nice to answer any questions if anyone has them. So ask away!

Hope you all had a wonderful July!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My mom died.

I found out this week that my mom died back in March. It was drugs. She was 47 and I can't believe she's gone. I thought she was doing better and was keeping clean but I guess that was just something she was saying to me.