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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Welcome Sarah & Madeline!!!

On October 18, 2013 my little girl Sarah Michelle decided to join our family! She's a big girl at 7lbs 6oz, 21" tall and, so far, it looks like she will have sandy blonde hair like her mom! And in the closest-birthday-in-the-family contest we have a winner with Cydne's little girl Madeline who joined us the very next day, October 19th! She's got dark brown hair and is a healthy 6lbs 14oz, 19" tall and Cyd came though it all just fine! She had a long labor (about 12 hours) but did really great! We're both trading off on the baby duties at night so each of us can get at least 6 hours sleep in a row and that really helps!!!

Steve was home for the births and he stayed the weekend but has had to go back to work now.

Sorry I haven't been on here for a while but I have had other things going on and I've also had some very mean hate mail that just had me not feeling so good about posting too much anymore.

I just need to clarify a couple things here for the haters:

1. I NEVER ask anyone for money, gifts, or whatever aside from asking people to give to real charities. It's also a little scary and sometimes creepy if someone goes all Private Detective and learns where we live and sends me things. Please don't do that!

2. I don't recruit people. Evangelism is not my thing and I am not a very good Christian and would not want to be responsible for leading anyone into the faith. That's not something I feel called to do.

3. YES!! I am asking people to accept poly!!! So long as it is a free choice between consenting adults then what business is it of anyone else's? Is it too much to ask for the same rights as gays have? Me personally I am not even asking for legal marriage, just the right to be left alone.

4. I am not perfect. I am not a role model. I sometimes screw up as a mom and I sometimes screw up as a wife and a friend.

5. I have a bad memory. I swear some of you know more details about me than I do sometimes! Don't get wrong, I appreciate that some people follow this blog and that's really sweet, but it's not like a Bible to me or anything. I write down what is on my mind at the time and I go on. Sometimes I change my mind on things and sometimes I get new information on stuff I've written about and I change what I say about it. If you're wrong about something and someone corrects you do you keep saying the same stuff just to be consistent? I don't.

'Nuff said.

Moving on....

Christie is working again and is traveling a lot. She wanted a break from having babies and figured she should work. Macy is trying again for a 2nd baby and we're all very happy for her about this choice! She has had a long time to heal from losing Rebecca and is ready to try again.

Hannah has been accepted to a private college and will start attending in the spring. We're VERY happy for her and hope she really enjoys school! She will be staying at the school and this will be a big deal for her since it is the first time she will be away from home and family in her whole life!

I'm down to about 70 chickens now. The egg business went way down on me and I had to give up a lot of my hens to the butcher in town. It's a business, I know, but it's hard not to love them all and miss them.

We had our first snow already. Not too bad where we live but South Dakota got hit really bad and a lot of ranchers lost an awful lot of cattle. I keep hearing maybe as many as 100,000 cattle died. It's really serious and some ranchers are asking people to donate cattle to help them get their herds back up. We don't have the cattle to spare since we sold off most of them a while back and started running bison. Upside of bison is they don't care about blizzards.

The park closure at Yellowstone gave us a problem when National Park Service police tried to 'close' part of our ranch. They ended up having to check their maps and the signs on their own fences to realize that our land is not their land. Those people really are (forgive me) assholes. I hope they stay in the park after this. Honestly, the way they acted with us gave me a bad feeling about the park. I used to love going their and now I feel like it's someone's private club and we're not invited. I don't think I want to go their for a while.

I am going to stop here for now just because things are busy and this is probably enough for right now.

I hope all of you are doing well!