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Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

It is been a while since I've been on here and I guess it's time to tell you what what all is going on in life. The big news is that all three of us are pregnant! Macy and I are due around the end of August and Christie is due around the end of September maybe first of October. It is going to be a very difficult summer with all three of us out of action. We have Hannah at the the house still but I just can't imagine her doing all the work that's going to need to be done while the three of us are in the late stages of pregnancy. We'll probably have to get some help from someone at the church or we might have to hire somebody. We'll see.

The men are still working in North Dakota and they're doing really well. Steve found an apartment for him and Tab so they got out of the container they were living in. Oh and when I say container it's more like a motorhome than just a plain container.  They had heat and electricity and a bathroom and all that. Fortunately it hasn't been a very cold winter, we were expecting it to be really really cold for them especially in North Dakota and it's actually been kind of mild.

Christie is home from traveling and she has been doing taxes lately. It's that time of year for her. So while she is at home we still don't get to see her an awful lot because she is so busy. We also get a lot of phone calls when she's working and that's kind of weird having the phone ringing all the time.

My babies are doing great! Laura is talking and she won't shut up! Which makes her just like her mom! Patty is doing pretty good too and she is in full on toddler mode. She gets kind of moody sometimes but mostly she's really happy and very active. She loves to be physical with all the animals and she likes to tell me all about all the animals that are coming by the ranch. We have a fox that comes around sometimes and we feed it cat food. Patty wants to treat it like a cat and she really wants to pet it and she always gets mad when I don't let her. The fox seems nice enough but they do carry rabies and even though there's no rabies around here we have to be careful. I hate to admit but I've pet the fox a few times. Laura is my little inside girl and she is not much for being outside the house. In some ways that's good because she's really fair skinned like her mother is and would easily get sunburned. Danny is a typical boy and he is doing well. He says a few words here and there but is mostly quiet and he likes to play with his toys. Kind of like his father!

The church is doing okay. A few of the families have had to dip into the welfare fund because they were out of work and they had a hard time. Praise God, no one is on welfare. We have had a lot of people in the shelter in Denver and in December there was a big call for extra blankets and jackets and clothes. We sent what we could from the house but I really wish we could've done more. It's so sad to hear about people who are out on the street and homeless and then I think about the fact that I could easily be one of them right now if my life had gone just a little bit differently. I am very, very blessed. Right now I think most people are blessed just to have a job, a home, and food on their table. It is really scary how many people in America right now do not have all of these things. What is even scarier is how many of those people are just normal people! They are not the kind of people you would expect to be out on the street begging for food or extra money.

Where our family is getting our finances in order there is a little bit of pressure in the church for us to take on a fourth wife. I now understand what Shari went through having to deal with a third and a fourth wife in such a short time. I like our life the way it is right now and I know it is selfish but I don't want to share our home with someone else. Two other families in the church recently went poly and added second wives. The one lady has two little girls and she was unmarried and the daddy of the little girls was messed up in drugs and he got killed in some drug deal. The other girl was fresh out of foster care and turned 18 and they kicked her out so she was homeless and ended up at the shelter in Denver. Now she has a family. I know all of this is not perfect but where would these people be if they couldn't find a family? And that makes me feel like a hypocrite because the same kind of charity that brought me into this family is the same kind of charity I don't want to share. Pretty bad I know. I do know that as long as Steve is working out of town we are definitely not adding anyone to the family but then on the other side of that the money he makes working out of town makes it easier to add someone. I just don't know what the right answer is here.

Cooking. I need a different subject!

I have really dug into my cooking and have had some fun. Over the weekend I made a beef Wellington but instead of beef I used bison. Bison is a lot leaner than beef and it has a stronger taste. The result was a very nice dinner and we also had leftovers for Sunday. I am also playing with bread and I made a three grain raisin bread yesterday and it came out really good. The recipe needs a little more tweaking because it is really dense and I would like to make it a little more airy. I made a pumpernickel about a month ago and it went really well with soup and I know I will try that again. Most mornings right now I am making sweet rolls and I put cinnamon or jam on them and serve them that way. Sometimes I just put butter on them too.

I discovered tea! Christie brought home some Tetley's tea from England and she made me try it and I am really liking it! It is really smooth and it does not have a lot of acid in it like most tea does. Most tea upsets my stomach but this does not. Yes, I like peppermint tea but that isn't really tea like what most people talk about.

There was no snow for the holidays so I did not work at the resort and I kind of missed having some adult time away from the house. The money would've been nice too. I just like having my own money to spend instead of using family money. I am hoping with the storm coming in right now that we get enough snow that the resort can open and we can start getting some snowmobile people in. Then maybe I can get some work.

Well, I guess that's enough for right now. I mean I don't know what else to say so I think I will wrap this up and hope that everybody has a Happy New Year and that 2012 is a much better year for all of you than 2011 was!

Bye for now, Megan