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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Years!

Yay! Steve and I are having our third anniversary today! I wish he was here so we could do something romantic that he is off work helping to take care of our family and that's more important. It is hard to believe so much time has gone by and then it also seems like not a lot of time has gone by at all. When I think about who I was three years ago I think of myself than as a little girl and now I feel so much more grown-up. Naïve is the word I always use to describe myself from back then.

Steve called me earlier today and said happy anniversary and that was really sweet. It is really hard for him to take time away from work to make phone calls like that so I really appreciate it. Even though he is not here were going to have cake and a little bit of a party to celebrate. We do this for all of the anniversaries that take place around here. I wish Steve was home for more of them.

To answer a few questions that I got on the blog and in e-mail it is true that the house will be kind of crowded real soon but were not worried about taking care of the babies and the kids we have plenty of food and the money thing seems to be fixed now. It is a big house and we have a lot of room and then we also have the guest house and Tab and Stevie will be moving out of the guest house this summer now that they have enough money for a down payment on their own place. The plan is for Christie to move back out there with her kids and then Macy and me will share the house with our kids and Hannah.

It's kind of warm for winter this year which isn't bad. I know people are all crazy about global warming and all that but I am happy to have some warm weather. It has been nice to be out in shorts and a T-shirt a few days and it is also been nice to use the swimming pool. "Warm" for us this time of year means that it's not freezing and we don't have 6 feet of snow on the ground. For California this is probably a little cool in the 60s and high 50s but for here this is really nice. We already have green grass coming up and that means we can save money on putting out hay and alfalfa for the cattle. It also means we don't have 2 miles of dirt road to go over in snowmobiles to get to the main road.

One question was asking why I don't talk more about my children and the other children here. Part of it is because they need to have a little privacy, part of it is because I don't like telling people too much about my children, and a small part is that I don't want to tell people so much that they can recognize us in public.

I will say that my little girls are doing just fine. We still have to be very careful with Laura about sunburns but Patty does just fine in the sun. Both of them are talking and like typical girls they don't ever stop talking! Danny has been a very good boy and he is actually been a lot easier to take care of then the two girls were at his age.

Macy and Christie's kids are doing fine too. Eric is four years old now and he is the man of the house when his father is not around. He helps a lot with the animals and it is pretty amazing to watch this little boy push around big huge cows and bulls.

We don't hear from Shari much. Lauren chats with her sometimes and we do know she and her boyfriend are doing okay and she likes her job and really likes Seattle. I miss her sometimes and then at the same time things are so much more relaxed around the house without her and her rules. Some of the rules we keep because they make sense but then some others like wearing dresses all the time we just don't do anymore. We try to keep modest when we are outside of the house or off the property but around the house it doesn't matter much because everybody knows what everybody looks like and everybody knows what everybody does. There are not too many secrets around here.

Things are doing better at church because the economy is doing a little better at least around here. The money from North Dakota is really helping things out. I know the rest of the country is not doing so well but at least this little corner of the world is doing better.

One of the really cool things that took place at church was we had a Muslim family and their kids join the church and come to Christ! They moved here from Minneapolis because it was not safe for them to be Christian back there. They are really really nice people. I don't know if they will take another wife but I do know that they are really cool with the whole poly thing. I do not know too much about their conversion experience and maybe that is too personal for them but maybe someday they will tell me about it.

Well, I guess that is about all for right now. I have not done much work outside of the house so there is not much to tell about that, I am still cooking of course, and I am quilting but not so much now that the weather is better.

I hope you all have a blessed March and just in case I don't write anything here anytime soon I hope you have a blessed April as well.