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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Things have been VERY busy here and I have much less time to be on the blog or on Yahoo anymore so sorry for all the IM messages I have not returned.

Before I get into anything else...I'm pregnant! I thought I was pregnant a couple weeks ago and took two tests and they said I wasn't pregnant but then it just felt familiar and I KNEW it so I took one again yesterday and it came up with a = and then I did it again and it came up the same! Wow.

I'm expecting it is just one this time and got to say that twins is something I only ever want to do once. I looooove my girls but it was not an easy thing to do with twins in so many ways. Ooooh, enough about me.

Macy is getting ready for her baby. The doctor says anytime now and that is about right. We've got baby stuff ready for her and she is doing really, really well. Macy totally NEVER complains and I wish I could learn how to be more like her that way.

My resolution for 2011 is to shut up. I really talk too much and then what I do is talk about me. 2011 will be more about other people and less about me.

We've got snow on the ground now and things are pretty. It is not a lot of snow yet but that is coming because it is not supposed to stop snowing until maybe Wednesday. The chickens are in the barn and doing good and some of them are pretty silly when they get in the snow.

We're doing better with money and that's mostly because Christie is working again. She is due home on Tuesday and then next Monday she has to go back to work out of town. We all really miss her. Eric and Emmy are doing great and part of the big family thing that is nice is they have lots of love and attention and Steve is home all the time right now so he is spending a lot of time with Eric who is almost 3.

I am working at a restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights now as a cook and doing good at it. The pay is amazing to me and then there are tips at the end of the night and I am stopping my allowance from the family for now and planning on paying some back in after Christmas. It's nice to have money of my own for that.

We heard from Shari. She called on Friday night and talked to Lauren and then Steve and says she is doing well. She is in Seattle now and has a place and lives in a place called Capitol Hill and says it is nice and close to where she works. She is wanting Lauren and Hannah to come visit her after New Year's and Steve says it's fine with him. Lauren and Hannah seem a little happier after talking to Shari and maybe they will be happier after they see her.

Steve had our cattle checked for brucellosis because there is some worry about it around here and they all came up fine. He pulled them in to a smaller part of the ranch so they are not on the fence line and near other cattle or the buffalo for now.

Macy shot her first coyote last week. She was home with the babies and saw the coyote around the barn and went out from upstairs and shot it. Steve and I found it when we got home and it was a pretty awesome shot because coyotes don't let you get a second shot at them. It's scary to see them that close to the house but everyone around here says it is normal after the rodents go into hibernation for the coyotes to come around homes looking for cats and dogs.

I really wish I had more time to write but I don't. It's just me doing most stuff these days so I need to go.

I really hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!