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Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 2014

Happy Fall!

It's my favorite season of the year! The leaves all look so beautiful, there's a crispness in the air in the morning, coffee smells better this time of year and so does the kitchen with the fall baking season in swing! And, yes, I will probably gain a few pounds before the end of the month!

Let me answer a few questions:

I still work as needed to help out at a resort near here when they need me. Even though I prefer baking breads they like me to work doing prep and assisting with pastries. Once in a while they let me do my sourdough rolls which I am pretty close to perfecting. I briefly boil them like a bagel (and it heats them up inside to make them rise faster) and then I use a sweetened egg wash on them before baking them to a light golden brown. They're small, they're expensive, but they're tasty!

My favorite recipe right now is Portuguese Sweet Bread. The kids all love it and the house smells so lovely when I bake them! I usually make six loaves at a time and it'll be gone by the end of the day. I'm experimenting with different pans and have had some success with greased and floured clear glass pans. The traditional pie pan is okay but the bread almost always sticks to it and it just bugs me.

After five babies I most often feel tired. I hope that answers that one person's question (Marcus swears it wasn't him and I believe him.)

Right now I am the only one of us in the house who isn't pregnant. Macy and Cydne are both due around next April and Christie is due in late June. I'm getting a lot of attention lately so I imagine it won't be a long time before I have news of my own!

I am ready to do this again. It's funny how after Sarah was born I swore she was going to be my last baby and then time went by, she was weaned, she started sleeping through the night, I got some sleep...and then I started to miss being pregnant. I don't know how to explain it, it's like this building need inside me to want to be a mom another time. It's like this itch that has to be scratched is the best way I can describe this.

Steve's oldest daughters are doing well. Hannah is transferring from her first college to a new one so she can follow her major. She wants to study viticulture and enology and then get a job in the wine business and that will probably mean California.

Christie is still doing work and was suppose to be in Dallas last week but skipped it because of the Ebola thing. She says it's safer to be cautious and just go to town where she can use WebEx for a meeting instead of trusting that it is safe to fly. She says a lot of the news about the guy with Ebola was hushed up to make people feel safer. I like what she says about how it is better to actually be safe than to just feel safe.

We haven't had any crazy drama for a long time and that has been a blessing! Boring is nice!!! Steve keeps working and that is good, his business is doing good and the investments are doing good so all of us are getting modest allowances again. It's nice to have extra money to buy things for the kids and to buy stuff for the kitchen when I make my "pilgrimage" to the restaurant supply in Salt Lake City! I say 'pilgrimage' because Macy says I worship there! LOL!!!

Getting on time for me to start dinner so I will stop here.

God Bless and Keep all of you!

Love, Megan