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Friday, November 27, 2009

What's the deal?

So what is with the people who write nasty things on my blog but then they don't have a blog of their own? Are they afraid of what everyone else might say about them?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I turned on the comment moderation and the people who were being a problem are not even putting in comments at all now.

It is now my turn to say something.

Other than asking people to donate to help out Jaycee Dugard I don't ask anything from anyone. I don't ask anyone to join us but the people who do write to me and want to join I have them talk to my pastor because that is not my thing. One of the people who was being a jerk did make me think about what I get from writing this and since it is Thanksgiving on Thursday I am thankful for the friends I have met on here.

My new sister Macy.

Erica, the best friend I never met.

Steady. Her name says it all.



My three new friends who are also poly...they know who they are.

And more.

I am pretty lost a lot of times and I write things here that are in my heart and troubling me and then there are times I get to chat with my friends on IM and share these things and work them out. You guys are my friends who listen to my screwed up mess and help me work things out. I am not sure I would have stayed here without my friends and that is especially to mean Erica. (-:

So friends are what I have to show for all this and I am very thankful to God for all of you.

Thank you and I pray you all have a wonderful and loving Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday night

Just taking a moment from my home work. Thank you to everyone who had the nice comments. I really appreciate that! Sorry I am not so good at keeping everything straight its not like I ever said I was a genius or anything.

So yeah the OB said that I might have to have the babies early and she also said I might have to do a c-section but I am hoping to do it the normal way. I won't be having them at home but will go to the hospital when the time comes. She also says I have to think about leaving school before school is done and the school says I can do that and take the classes I miss sometime in the next two years if I want so that is pretty cool.

Back to work.

Have a nice night!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three months

It is on again with people getting all picky about what I say. My OB said I was due in late May or early June and that is still what she says. She just never said how far along I was and I had a lot of reasons to think that September 11th was the day I got pregnant but I was wrong. I got pregnant in August and did not even notice until the end of September. It is actually been kind of upsetting to me that I was pregnant for a month and did not know.

My friend Fay asked me last night if I was losing interest in this blog and I said I was because of the problems with some of the comments. This got started just because I wanted a place to write some things and it became more than that to some people. I don't take myself as seriously as some of you do! I hate to say it but if you want to call my blog confusing and all and then go read my blog like one of those guys who lives for Star Trek that is up to you. I have a life. You should too and you should know this is just a blog and it is not like what I say makes any difference in the world.

There are things I would really like to write right now but I guess it won't be on here because it might get twisted around to mean something else.

Whatever I guess.

I do hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving if I don't get a chance to write to you or see you on chat.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I went to the OB yesterday and IT'S TWINS!!!!!!!!

She says I am now about 14 weeks with twin girls! Everything is fine and she did a blood test and says everything is fine there too. She also said part of why I show so much is just because thin people show a lot when they get pregnant. I am now going to be going in every two weeks to be checked to make sure everything is good. I can't even begin to tell you how exciting and scary this is! Shari said that I will get to give birth a second time without having the second pregnancy! OMG THAT is scary!

Time for me to go to school but I wanted to get this out here. I will try to post the ultrasound picture later on if we can get the scanner to work.


Twins! (-:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Up late

It's almost midnight and I am up. Emmy was fussing and I had her tonight so Steve and Christie could work on having another baby. Shari has me going in to see the OB on Monday because she is worried about my baby and says that I am showing too much too soon for just two months. She had the same thing and is worried I might have toxemia starting. I feel fine so I am not so sure but will go to the OB anyway.

A good friend of mine has me worried too so I am doing some praying for her.

I wish I knew what else to say right now but that's it. And I am sorry I don't have a happy thing to say to close my post.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Almost two months

I'm almost two months along and it is kind of nice. The best part of being pregnant is it put an end to all my anxiety about getting pregnant or not. It's all decided now and it's easy to just relax and enjoy who I am and my family and the idea of being a mom soon. I still have not really had any morning sickness. I've felt yucky a few times but was never so bad I was going to puke or so bad I was not going to eat!
Sex is a lot better. Before it was always worrying about what could happen and now that it happened it's really easy to just enjoy being with Steve. I noticed he is a lot more relaxed about being with me now and Christie says she had the same experience with him. Once he got her pregnant he was pretty comfortable with the idea that she was serious about staying with the family and I guess the same goes for me too.

One of my friends online is getting involved with a poly family but not in my church. They are more like their own thing. It makes me happy that she's found a great family because she is a great person and the only thing I am sad about is it would have been noce to have her be a 4th in our family. Back when she was open to that idea Shari was dead set that 3 was enough and then Macy came along and now Shari is considering letting Macy join us sometime. Macy says God's timing is up to God and not to us so don't worry about the 'what if' things because we don't control them. If I had my way Steve would probably have to marry all my friends! I guess I just love having a lot of people around anymore.

School is going really good. On Friday I had my exams and got A's on both of them and it was not easy. I have to study a lot and I've been cooking a lot more at home because one of my classes was on preparing meats and I had to do an original recipe. I did pork loin cutlets stuffed with blue cheese and then baked with lingonberry sauce on them to help keep them moist. They came out really great and got me my A.

Christie and Steve are trying for another baby and she is pretty happy most days. It's so funny you can tell when a woman has had a great sex night once you know what you are looking for. One of the girls in my class came in all smiley one day and I asked her if she was happy from sex and she was blown away that I could tell. I'm also seeing other pregnant women because it seems we all do a lot of the same things like always holding our tummy. It's weird you just can't stop thinking about the baby and you always want to hold yourself there.

One thing that came up is my blog is being mentioned by people who are following the FLDS trial and it is been mentioned a few times. I don't get why these people are so interested in what someone else is doing with their life? Why is it so important to them that poly people be put in jail? How are we a threat to them I wonder?

The elections this week were sort of funny to me. Before the election the reporters were saying how this was so important because it would say what people thought of Obama and then after the election the same reporters were saying it didn't really matter. I am thinking that those elections will mean the end of Obama's health care plan and that he won't talk about gays in the military anymore.

I am wondering if the country saying no to these things will mean that people will get more serious about going after poly people? I don't know but it does worry me a little.

Time for me to go check my email.

Cuddled up by a fire with someone you love.