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Monday, April 12, 2021

Welcome to Brayden and Gabriel!

 Just a little happy news! 

Cydne's baby boy Brayden was born on April 3 and is a big boy at 10 pounds 8 ounces! 

Amy's baby boy Gabriel was born on April 11 and is 7 pounds and 11 ounces! 


Thursday, April 1, 2021

Unicorns are mythical creatures

 I'm doing a lot better since my last post and need to thank God for wonderful friends who care for me in person and who support me online. Don't know what I would do without them! ๐Ÿ™

Okay, so one of the things that comes up enough in this life is when people talk about Unicorns

According to Wordnik the definition of a unicorn is this:

u•ni•corn yoo͞′nฤญ-kรดrn″

  • n.
    A fabled creature symbolic of virginity and usually represented as a horse with a single straight spiraled horn projecting from its forehead.

In poly a unicorn is a single virgin woman who is smart, beautiful, she has no problems, and for some mysterious reason wants to choose probably the most difficult family life possible even though she has so many better choices available to her. 

When I first started out in the life I had people call me a unicorn and it was a long time before I really understood what it meant. I thought they just meant a unicorn was a single woman. But it's supposed to be this amazingly perfect virgin woman who's all that. I am no unicorn and never was. 

I've been in this life for twelve years and I've seen people come and go with poly and I've never not once seen one of these fabled creatures come to poly. 

Someone inspired me to write a list of the types of women who come to poly and I wrote six of these things and a very wise lady corrected me and I had to add the seventh one:

1. Women who grew up in the life and want it for themselves...usually as the first wife.
2. Girls/women who grew up in the life and can't find a man who wants them as a first.
3. Single moms.
4. Damaged women like me.
5. Divorced women or women from failed relationships who want stability.
6. Widows and widows with children.
7. Married women who come to the life with their husbands.

The point of the list is that women who choose poly always have a very compelling reason for it. It's such a deliberate choice that it's not like any typical modern woman would casually choose this for herself. 

I mean if I hadn't had a trauma in my teen years and instead had a normal experience growing up I'd probably be working somewhere right now, paying rent on an apartment, making car payments, paying off student loans, sometimes having fun with friends, and probably living with someone since most people don't get married anymore. I'd probably not have any kids and might not ever have kids. 

It would be easy to choose that life if it were a choice. For any girl you'd call a unicorn you can expect her to choose that life over submitting to a man, sharing that man, and raising a family with other women. 

Not to say that some thoughtful girls out there won't look at what passes for men these days and decide that a strong man who is a proven husband and father is attractive. Maybe this might have to be a choice for more women since so many men  males these days are not all that manly. 

In any case the point here is that I don't know of any unicorns. Neither do any of my friends. If you do know any I know a BUNCH of families who'd love to have them!

There we go and Happy Easter or Resurrection Day to you!