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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Questions from Jay D. and answers from Megan!

I got this in email just now and wanted to answer it before I went outside! My answers are in blue!

Hi Megan,

I am considering entering into the poly lifestyle.  I am getting somewhat serious with a woman who will become my first wife.  We are both very excited and sincerely want to pursue this as a lifestyle. 

I have a few practical questions. 

How many wives and children are in your family currently?  Am I correct in that it is currently You, Christie, and Cydne? 

Yes, it's Christie, Cydne, and myself. Christie currently has four children, Cydne has two, and I have six.

 What kind of vehicle(s) does Steve own to cart you all around in?  does he have a big 15 passenger van or something? 

Funny you ask because the one vehicle we don't have is a big van! We almost never go out all of us at the same time so this has never really been a big problem. And we have trucks and SUV's that can all get around in the snow.
Are any females currently pregnant in your family?  or actively trying to get that way?

No one is pregnant right now but both Christie and Cydne are working on it and I imagine one of them will be expecting some time soon!

How large is the home you live in?  How many bedrooms, baths, living spaces, etc.  What are the sleeping arrangements for the adults and the children usually?  How large is the farm you live on?  What kind of crops & animals do you raise?  Does the farm turn a profit?  Or is it just kind of a hobby? 

We have a ranch that has a few buildings and a guest house. Right now no one is living in the guest house so we have enough room in the main house for everyone. The kids share rooms and sometimes so do the adults! (-:

We have a ranch and about two acres of it is for a farm. It's mostly for us but we give away the excess to people at church. We have been running bison for a few years now and they're tons easier to take care of than cattle and you don't have to worry about them with the cold and predators as much. The ranch turns a profit or we wouldn't be doing it!

Have you and Steve and the sisters discussed how many kids would be too many?  Is there ever a point where Steve might stop wanting to have more babies just because the house is full, or for financial reasons?


Do all you sister wives, and Steve all own a legal share in the house and property?  How is this handled legally and with the family finances?  Was there some kind of prenuptial agreement that had arrangements for if the unthinkable happened (Like Macy & Shari leaving).

Everyone of the adults has an equal share in everything and like when Macy left she got 20% which was almost all of our cash. The same thing happened when Shari left but there were other things she took when she left.
Do any of your sisters work or do anything to make money?  Or is this 100% Steve’s department?

Christie does tax stuff on the side and I cook and cater sometimes if there is work but Steve handles all the important things like the house, bills, and etc.

Thanks, and I still love reading your blog. 


Jay D.

You're welcome! (-: