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Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

One thing I have discovered with having children is that I don't have a lot of time anymore. I totally love my girls so I am just saying that this is just been a big huge change in my life is all. If you see that I am not writing in this blog a lot anymore that means I am not in email or chat that much anymore either.

Someone asked if Steve and me were talking about more kids and we are. From the beginning I knew that if I did this and married Steve that a big part of this was to be a mom and that was what I wanted and that is what will happen. Right now nothing is being planned so the only thing I can say is that someday I will have more kids. Right now I really want to enjoy the wonderful beautful babies God has already blessed us with!

Rude comments do not belong in my blog. This is my place to write and relax and take some time to just write stuff down so someday I can come back and look at it.

The new house is working out really good and the kitchen is a total dream. I never had a kitchen sink with an awesome view until now and it makes doing pots and pans kind of nice. My school let me finish some work online but I need to go back there in August to do my finals so I can get my diploma and I will be doing that. It means a week away from home but it will worth it to finish something and be called a chef. I will be staying with Stephanie (Stevie) and her husband and Stevie will take care of my girls when I am in class.

I just sat down and have to go! Have a nice night!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 8, 2010

Things are doing pretty good here so far. Still getting use to the place and all and it is REALLY different when it is night time because you see so many stars! I never knew there were so many stars! It's beautiful and when you get use to the light at night you can kind of see things even with the star light. You can see satellites and meteors all night too.
I had a couple of my chickens die and it was probably stress. Just found them in the coop this morning and they were not moving. I know it sounds stupid but I cried about it and it just made me really sad to lose some of my little chicks we raised.

Hera, having sister wives makes this all so much easier! I can't imagine doing this alone with Patty and Laura. The best part is being able to have someone else watch them sometimes so I can take a nap and I totally appreciate this!

Got to make this short and go now. (-:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New place

We're in the new place and the house is really nicer than what we had at home. I'm not going to say a lot about it because I have promised to be more private now but I will say it is not in California, we are a long way from the closest big city, our closest neighbor is a couple miles from here, and we have a lot more land but most of it is not anything we can really use. It's just nice to have a lot of room.
Patty and Laura are doing fine and gaining weight and things are doing good with me too. The rest of the family is doing really good too. We went to church here yesterday and it was different to be with a new pastor but nice to get to meet so many new people. There are more big families here than in California and it is kind of nice and there are a lot of women my age here so I hope to make some new friends too.
One of the things that someone sent me was a certficate for Amazon so I could buy a book called Quiverfull and I ordered it and it showed up today and I will read it when I can. Thank you, Callie. (-:
I am still settleing in here and still need to unpack some things. The chickens did okay with the move but there are some of my girls with bloody wings from panicking in the trailer during the drive. They should be okay but right now only a few of them are laying so we had to buy eggs for the first time in a very long time.
Well, I was up and wanted to post this now that we got the internet connected. It is 1:32am here and the one hour difference here is not bugging most of us but it does bother me a little.