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Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016 - Answers to questions!

I'm just going to keep this one simple and answer some questions:

Helene asked about the apples and we put in Mutsu apples and they have to be sprayed with an anti-biotic which is kind of weird but they get a disease that can spread so they get sprayed when they're in fruit.

Anonymous asked: List the ten dumbest things you ever did!

(Just ten? LOL!)


1. Jumped off a 60 foot tall bridge into maybe ten feet of water...never again!!

2. Got crazy drunk when I was 15...ugh.

3. I didn't go out with a certain boy when he asked me out...I missed out on a really nice guy!

4. My whole three days working at Starbucks.

5. A thong bikini.

6. Doing a jump on a snowboard...I discovered I can't jump on a snowboard!

7. "Sure, I can cook five turkeys for a family dinner!"

8. Petting a rooster.

9. No, it's not a cute dog, it's a coyote.

10. And my dumbest thing ever: We had a portable milking machine for the cattle and we don't have cattle anymore so I figured it's just like a breast pump, right? Let's just say that it was funny!!!

And bison are TONS easier than cattle! Bison almost totally take care of themselves, they don't need to go in the barns when it's cold, they know not to be out in the open during lightning, and they kill wolves and dogs. We used to have three or four full-time hands on the ranch for the cattle and now we just hire hands when we're bringing them in PLUS we get more per pound on bison than cattle!