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Saturday, August 8, 2020

It's been almost a year

 We have a pretty sad anniversary coming up and I can't help but have it on my heart. 

Things have changed since Christie left us and that's to be expected. 

The kids are doing well and I mean all of them not just Christie's kids. But the excitement and energy Christie brought to our lives isn't there and we feel it. Her spontaneous ideas about what to eat, taking the whole family on some big trip, new clothing ideas, and stuff like that are missed. 

We all miss her generosity with her love and affection. She just had this way of putting a hand on you and making you feel loved with such a simple and uncomplicated gesture. 

I could go on but I'm sure you all got the idea.

Life goes on but we still miss her and mourn our loss. 

All four of us ladies are expecting again. It'll be a very busy winter and spring! 

The children are doing great for the most part. No one has been sick but we have had one trip to the eye doctor and that resulted in a surgery with a good outcome. 

This Covid thing has had one nice benefit and that's been a total absence of Chinese tourists to chase off. One of you folks who reads this told me about a show called "Yellowstone" and they had a scene where Kevin Costner chased off tourists who did not get the idea that you can own a lot of land in the West. I laughed when I saw that because anyone who lives around here can relate!

We don't have these problems with any other tourists so it is a thing from China. I'm just hoping we never have to deal with them getting stomped on by the bison! 

I'm doing fine with the chickens and this year we took in some rescue pullets and hens from a shelter in Colorado. Welsummer chickens is what they are called. They're really sweet and a big change from my mix of reds, leghorns, and barreds. 

Poly got legalized in some town in Massachusetts and that was cool. I am not wanting it legalized like where everyone gets a permit from the government for it but it would be nice to know we can be left alone! 

The economy shutdown meant Steve was home for a while and now he's back out doing a ton of construction and paving work. It was so wonderful to have him home for about eight weeks but now he's happier being at work and doing what he's good at!

Someone asked if we have a hard time with homeschooling and we don't because it's what we always do. 

I get asked about politics and there's enough politics right now without me saying anything about it.

That's it for now.

Hope you're all safe and loved!