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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My last post for a while.

Just taking a break until I have something to write about that doesn't sound like I am whining all the time.

I also went back and read my blog from beginning to end and I realized it is not anything to be all that proud of. That makes me really appreciate the people who read it and were friends to me anyway! Thank you!


Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hi. I'm just not thinking of anything to write right now and maybe I am a little not in the mood. If anyone has any questions please post them and I will respond. If you want to ask a personal question you can email me if you want.

Been working at a restaurant in town the past few Friday and Saturday nights and it has been nice to get out. They just need extra help until Labor Day and then after that I will go back to working when they cater or have parties. I love my family but getting to talk to people about things like movies and college and the news instead of babies and livestock and all has been nice.

Time to get lunch on. Have a nice weekend!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011

Just some things on my mind.

The girls are both walking now. Patty runs but Laura is walking and that is a relief because she was kind of slow on that compared to Patty.

Danny is doing great and has had no breathing problems, thank you Jesus.

Christie, Macy, and myself are all not pregnant still and it has been kind of nice to just have each other's company and all be able to do stuff at the same time. There has been a LOT of swimming with the heat and humidity. Not as bad as it has been like a week or so back, but it has still been really hot and humid compared to California. I miss Cali for the weather but not the people.

I picked up a summer job as a sous chef at a hotel in town for Friday and Saturday nights and I started last weekend. It was pretty easy stuff with just simple gravies and sauces and I added in a couple reductions I can do and they went over well. I'm going to see if they will let me try out my sourdough. I did a starter on the sourdough in October and I played with it and got it going pretty good. It makes a pretty nice baguette and if you go with rolls they end up pretty light. Saturday night I did popovers with the rolls and they were pretty popular too.

We did an interview. Steve got a call from a guy with a Japanese newspaper called Sankei Shimbun and he asked to come visit and he did not bring a camera or anything. He was very polite and says he just wanted to meet us for background on Christian poly families. He said that people in Japan are very interested in this and he was pretty cool saying that a lot of people in Japan are poly but they don't say it out loud. Like a man will have a wife and a family and then have a mistress and a family with her, too. He says there are people in Japan who want to be more open about things and if Americans can do it then maybe they can too.

Haven't seen any wolves all summer but the coyotes are coming around a lot to see if they can get at the chickens. We also had a fox come around and it was not doing anything aggressive it was just curious so we let it alone and now it comes around some days and just looks at us. We say hi and sometimes it sits down and keeps looking.

We had a pair of Cardinals around for a few days. The male is really pretty! They're kind of unusual around here but we have been told they come around when it is really hot where they normally live.

I got the Lord of the Rings movies on Blue ray and just have to find time to watch them.

My friend Lydia is doing really good with her first pregnancy. She's been sick a little but not too bad. Macy lent her a couple dresses since they are about the same size and Macy isn't using them right now.

There's a coyote outside yipping. I never get bored with that kind of thing!

It is late and that is about all for now.

I will still do questions if anyone cares and I also owe some people some e-mails, especially Alice. I will try to get to them soon!