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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013: Q&A

Hello! Just have not been on the computer a lot so sorry for the long delay answering your questions!

Let me get right to it!

1. We homeschool K-12 and the older kids do not go to high school in town.

2. When we moved from Cali a big part of why we moved here was our same church already had a congregation here. So we did not really find a new church.

3. Culinary school was a total of nine months for the program I was in. They have longer programs but this one was what I really needed. I've also made some money cooking so it wasn't too bad! If I ever had to have a job it is nice to know I could cook for a living.

4. The new picture was taken at someone else's place but I liked it because it is so pretty! Hope you all like it, too!

5. Gun control. I don't think I have ever written about gun control. If I have don't anyone jump on me about it. I don't remember everything!

I guess I have to agree with the people who put gun rights in the constitution. They did this after a civil war where the very first battle was when the British government tried to enforce gun control on the colonists. If the British had got away with their gun control then there would not be a USA at all. So it makes sense that the people who had just fought a war for independence would want to keep their gun rights just in case the people ever needed to overthrow their government again. The last time it came up was when the US had a civil war and not since then. To me that is not proof that we do not need gun rights it is proof that what those people thought of all that time ago actually worked.

Part of why I agree with seeing it this way has a lot to do with how I grew up. When my father went to prison me and my mom had to deal with the police searching the house all the time. They never needed a warrant they would just show up and search us like it was our fault what my father did! Then I had to deal with the social workers trying to put me in foster care until was 18.

The social workers are the worst! You have NO rights when these people show up at your door! They can kick in your doors, search your house, steal stuff, and you can't do anything about it because they's "here to help". A lot of them are really slimy and creepy  people, too! And you have to put up with it or they can ruin your life.

You can also go on You Tube and see LOTS of videos where cops are beating people up and even killing them for no good reason. And if you look you find that the worst cops for abusing people are the cops in places where there is the most gun control. When I was in California I always worried when the cops would show up and now we're in another state and the cops are good people you can trust. The cops here make it pretty clear that they protect people but the cops in a lot of the gun control states act like they rule everyone. They get pissed off if anyone gets them on video, they beat people up who talk about their rights, and like in New Orleans they straight up murder people when they think they can get away with it.

It is crazy but when you think about it the people who live in places with gun control are the ones who need guns the most! They need them to protect themselves from criminals, sometimes the police, and sometimes the social workers.

It is also crazy that the same people who complain the most about police abuse are the same people who want gun control. WTF are they thinking?

I hope you don't think I am all into guns because I am not. To me they are something you just need around in case you need them. Like having a spare tire in your car not because you are into spare tires but because you might need it someday.

I wrote a lot there! Thanks for the question! It was a good one!