Wednesday, March 11, 2009

About Steve

I had a comment today and I guess I haven't said so much about Steve.

Wow, so much for taking things slowly! Can you tell us a little more about Steve. I know you have to keep his privacy, but in general terms what does he look like (body type, lots of hair, handome, etc)? How does he treat his other wives and children? Is Steve the head of the house who makes all the decisions or are the decisions made together with the wives?As a side note, I am glad for you that your mom is coming. Congratulations!CM

Thanks! I'm glad my mom is coming, too!

I know things are moving pretty fast but after talking with Pastor Jeff I guess I just decided that these were things that I wanted to have happen anyway so why wait? I don't mean like to just get it over with but here I am living here and knowing I want to stay and knowing I want to be with Steve and I'm waiting for what? I asked Shari if she felt closer to Christie when Christie had Eric and she said yes. She was sweet and said she wasn't saying anything to rush me but that when Christie came to be with them that they didn't think she was going to stay because her life was so amazing and then when she got pregnant it wasn't a question anymore. She said she's not so worried about me because she said I'm more like Steve and Shari than Christie was when she came here. Shari said she can just see that I want to be here and I want to be a mom and she thinks I'll be really happy here.

Steve is a real easy guy to be around. He doesn't get angry but he does get real intense sometimes so it's not like he isn't a real man but he just seems to always be in control. Nothing upsets him. Like when we had all the rain one of the cows got stuck in a creek and he was really gentle with the cow and talked to her like a pet to calm her down and then winched her out. He never yelled or anything he just did the job.

He runs his own business and has made enough money that we're okay with money in this economy. He had to lay off a lot of people because a lot of projects got cancelled but then he says he just had to work harder to get more work to keep things going.

I can't put his picture on here but he is really tall and Shari says he is 6'6" and 240 pounds. I guess because he is so tall he doesn't look that heavy. He looks pretty good and has a really flat stomach better than most of the guys I went to school with. He's 44 years old the same as Shari but he looks a lot younger and Shari says that's because he always wears a hat outside to keep the sun off. His hair is not real red but more auburn and he has some white hair in a few places. He always wears long sleeve shirts and I don't know if that is about the sun or if he just likes them. He is hard to explain about somethings. He wears a cowboy hat a lot and wears western clothes a lot for work and around here but he doesn't like too much country music. He likes old heavy metal music and Rascal Flatts and classical music and now he says he is liking some of my music like Plain White T's and James Blunt. He does not like rap music and that's okay because I don't like it either.

I found out that he was a Marine when he was younger and he got injured in Beirut and they let him go after that. He got a ruptured left ear drum and they had to do surgery to get it fixed but he was deaf in that ear for a long time and then Shari said around 1995 his hearing in that ear just came back and now he can hear just fine. I was told not to ask him about the Marines and to let him tell me about when he is ready because it is the one thing he can get really upset about sometimes. He does push ups and sit ups every morning when he gets up and the Marine thing explained where that came from.

He is a really wonderful daddy to his kids and the girls all love him a lot. I don't want this to sound creepy because it isn't but he is more of a dad to me than my own dad ever was so I can understand why the girls love him so much. He says no to a lot of things they ask for but it isn't about money because like when Lauren wanted a new violin for Christmas he bought her one that cost almost $10,000!!! Lauren told me about it and said Steve said that she would have it for a lifetime so he wanted her to have one that was worth keeping for a lifetime. But then the girls wanted a PSP and he said that was a waste of money and that if they wanted to sit around they could read or do their lessons.

Steve is the head of the house and he makes a lot of decisions but it's not like he does it alone. Shari and Christie make a lot of decisions all on their own like Christie buying her new car after her old one got wrecked. Steve says she should have got a truck or a suburban and she got another Volvo instead because she says she wants something that doesn't say "farm" on it. The decision to invite me to live here was between Steve and Shari and Christie and then they even asked the girls what they thought of the idea so everyone had a say in it. It wasn't just Steve wanting me here. Shari said if she or Christie had said no that would have been final and there would not be an argument. She also said there will be no #4 here and that she wasn't so sure she wanted a #3 but she really liked me on my own and that it was more about me being here than having a third wife here. I like that!

Steve is really smart but doesn't make me feel like I'm stupid because of my dyslexia. I don't like to read because it takes me a long time to read things right and then I have a hard time spelling and I really have to think about it when I write. This blog takes me a lot of time to write sometimes.

I don't know how to explain what it is about him that really attracts me to him. I guess it isn't anyone thing but all of the things about him. He is handsome but he isn't Brad Pitt or anything. I like when he is romantic because he holds me and kisses me but doesn't get all grabby with me. He really listens to me when I'm talking to him and he has got to be the best listening guy I have ever met. It's like he takes notes when you talk to him and he will mention something I said to him a couple days later and start our conversation over again. If there were one thing that really makes me love him it would be that he makes me feel like I matter to him and that I am really important to him. When he listens to me he looks right at me the whole time as if everything I said was the most important thing anyone had ever said to him. No one ever took me seriously before like that.

He also has this thing about him that you just know when he is in a room. I don't know how to explain that but like in the morning he comes down for breakfast and it doesn't matter how quiet he is you just know when he comes into the kitchen. Christie says she thinks it's really sexy and says she knows what I mean.

I know it sounds weird to just get to meet someone and then decide to be with them and it wasn't love at first sight or like you see in a movie. But now I think about leaving and that makes me so sad and then I think that I would miss seeing Steve and then I think about it and I know I love him. There's still this part of me that is worried about what I'm doing and wanting to hold back and wait but then the rest of me just wants to be as close to Steve and as much a part of this family as I can be. I'm really wanting it to be Saturday soon.


  1. I think you write beautifully. Best wishes on your new family.

  2. From all that you've written, he sounds like a great man.
    What impressed me the most, was that he spent a lot of money on a present to further someone's education, the violin, and didn't spend money on something that wouldn't do anything for them, the PSP.
    It seems he wants the best in education for his children.

  3. Thank you for answering my questions. Don't sell yourself short - you are a great writer. You painted a wonderful picture of Steve with your words. He sounds great and so does his family. I really hope this works out for you and you find the happiness you seek. I look forward to more of your story.

  4. But then the girls wanted a PSP and he said that was a waste of money and that if they wanted to sit around they could read or do their lessons.

    I've said it in earlier comments, but as a group you're probably better off eschewing such things. One of my biggest regrets about my own life is spending too much time doing solitary activities (video games, etc) instead of learning new skills or developing social connections that would have served me better later in life. It's a problem I still have today owing mainly to the fact that it's so habitual.

    Kudos to Steve for making sure the family's priorities are straight.

  5. You are very good writer, so I was surprised to read about your dyslexia.

    Was Steve ever on the USS Portland (LSD-37)? I know it was off Beruit in the 90s. That was my ship in the Navy.