Friday, November 27, 2009

What's the deal?

So what is with the people who write nasty things on my blog but then they don't have a blog of their own? Are they afraid of what everyone else might say about them?


  1. Very much like the cowards who scrawl graffiti on buildings etc. anonymous cowards who have no real life of their own. Thy seem to get their (however sick) kicks from spoiling that which others have.

    It is this kind of caveman mentality which prevents them from trying to uplift themselves, and they would rather wallow in their own sewage than take the effort to raise themselves up out of the sewers...

    Just a thought??

  2. The behavior of trolls confounds even the deepest thinker. You might enjoy this site, which will at least give you clever labels to put on those who come to your site to flame and run.

  3. i have had some people leaving very nasty commentS on my blog as well.. but I just chose to ignore them. I felt pity for them spending their time in such a way.. there is so much fun stuff to do out there
    hope you find a way not to be bothered by it too much..

  4. Hi Megan,

    I just wanted to chime in on the C-section thing.... I just had a c-section so my comments are based on experience.

    Doctors are very quick to "prescribe" a c-section with twins. However, you are planning on having many children. Do you really want to have all your children by c-section? I wouldn't want to put my body through that. C-section recovery is no joke. It is painful and prolonged. I still have pain after 5 months.

    A vaginal birth after a c-section is considered high-risk, and multiple c-sections do take a toll on your body.

    I hope you talk to your OB about trying for a natural delivery. A c-section is OK for the average woman, who may only deliver 2-3 children. But if you want a large family.... I'd say try for natural if you possibly can.

  5. Ignore the nasty comments - they are from people who are either jealous or of small mind, and likely both.

    You seem to have found happiness in your family of choice, and have been lucky enough to be able to choose to expand that happiness by bringing children into the world.

    Rejoice in that, for you have little control over anything else in the world, and not much else matters.

    I hope as strongly as a forest fire that someone like you comes into our family's life someday, and allows us to have more children and more happiness than we already have, which is already considerable.


  6. Yea sorta Megan. But I think it goes deeper than that. My feelings on why people are always so negitive about one another is because they are insecure about themselves and their lives. They are unhappy about their own lives and feel everyone else should be in the same boat with them. When they find someone living out their dream and are happy they can't stand it and lash out to try to bring them down to their level.

    Do your best to ignore those who try to discredit you and relish those who uplift you. Hang in there my dear and be strong. You deserve everything you've worked for.

    We as a society have lost our way because the powers to be have listened to the naysayers and taken God and his teachings away from us. We have forgoten the Golden Rule let alone the 10 commandments. For those who don't know what I'm talking about the Golden Rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Do we follow it? I think not, because if we did you wouldn't have those disparaging you. The 10 Commandments teach us to love one another as we love God. Do we do it? Not hardly! They also teach us not to covenant our neighbor's wife or things. If someone is putting down his neighbor for what he/she is doing or has then that person is covenant their neighbor. We are also tought many other thing within those commandents but do we listen? Do we even know what they are? I doubt it or we wouldn't be living the way we are.

    Sorry for the rant. My wife and I have lived with the same problems most of our lives and have watched the deteration of our children first hand. So I just had to get it off my chest.


  7. Did you mean 'not to covet your neighbor's wife' cmp? Covet means to 'yearn to possess or have'. To covet someone else's wife is to want her for yourself. A 'covenant' is an agreement, e.g. a marriage covenant (between husband and wife) or the 'new covenant' mentioned in the New Testament (between God and man, with Christ as the intercessor).

  8. I think it is a response to the freedom from social norms that is being experienced along with the use of the internet. And, not everyone has a blog.

    Your blog seems to be evolving a little. I continue to enjoy it. Thank you.

  9. Yea Donald. Sorry I miss spoke, had my thoughts confused. You are right I did mean covet.

  10. I've only started following your blog recently. I find it to be a great, well-written window into a world I don't know much about, but find very interesting. Anyone who lashes out at you for posting your personal thoughts and feelings is simply an insensitive, immature lout who cannot claim to understand the Bible or God's will, because they are clumsily stomping all over it, as seen by their words and actions.

    These are sad times we live in, when many people don't know why they believe what they believe, and let others do their thinking for them. They try to hurt anyone with a different viewpoint, and that's simply tragic.

    I wish you and your growing family all the best. We need more people sharing freely the truth about poly families, to drown out the crazy, paranoid, hateful nonsense that the media seems to eat up and dish out.

    Please never stop sharing and being who you are!


  11. I tried to check some of those peoples blogs, but couldn't get in either. I think if you criticize on a public blog at least have it open so someone can respond to you.