Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three months

It is on again with people getting all picky about what I say. My OB said I was due in late May or early June and that is still what she says. She just never said how far along I was and I had a lot of reasons to think that September 11th was the day I got pregnant but I was wrong. I got pregnant in August and did not even notice until the end of September. It is actually been kind of upsetting to me that I was pregnant for a month and did not know.

My friend Fay asked me last night if I was losing interest in this blog and I said I was because of the problems with some of the comments. This got started just because I wanted a place to write some things and it became more than that to some people. I don't take myself as seriously as some of you do! I hate to say it but if you want to call my blog confusing and all and then go read my blog like one of those guys who lives for Star Trek that is up to you. I have a life. You should too and you should know this is just a blog and it is not like what I say makes any difference in the world.

There are things I would really like to write right now but I guess it won't be on here because it might get twisted around to mean something else.

Whatever I guess.

I do hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving if I don't get a chance to write to you or see you on chat.


  1. I was only asking, because I was honestly confused.
    I wasn't calling you a liar. I just thought it was strange, I had never heard of an OB giving a respionse like late May or early june they usually calculate a date based on your last period, and tell you how far you are.
    BTW 14 weeks, you should be in your 4th month of pregnant.

  2. *response, * Pregnancy
    I swear I can spell. LOL.

  3. Megan, you are getting attacked by anti-polygamy activists. Your blog is presenting polygamy in a positive light and attracting many followers. They cannot tolerate it and want you to shut down.
    While their main focus is on Mormon polygamy and especially the FLDS, their ultimate goal is to eradicate self-professed polygamists of all stripes by jailing all of the adults, seizing their children, and confiscating their property. Of course they generally have no issues with "swingers" or those with simultaneous multiple live-in partners. It is only "religiously motivated' polygamists whom they want to eliminate. "Flying Free" and "catwhisperer" are 2 commentors on your blog who are actually vicious religious bigots.

    The blogs "FLDS Texas" and "Coram non Judice" are where they mostly hang out. Posting vicious, hateful, and bigoted comments are their specialty and if anyone disputes their drivel, they get banned. Some blogs that defend the human rights of polygamists are "FLDS View", "Free the FLDS Children", "Sore Toes and a Bleeding heart", "Modern Pharisee", and "Introspection of a Plural Wife".

    I am an agnostic and could personally care less about polygamy-to each his own. What I find appalling is the number of bigots and statists who are urging the govt. to get into our bedrooms and impose their personal morality on everyone else.

  4. I'm so sorry this is starting again, i hope you don't stop writing. if you decide to go private i hope you let me keep reading. i wish i knew of a way to for you to block these people.

  5. Megan,

    I am relatively new to following your blog and I'm sorry to read about all of the negative commentary and the toll it is taking on you. I really hope that you don't quit posting, I enjoy reading your blog. Congrats on the twins, I wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy!

  6. Duane is right. So be proud, write what you want to write, and keep it public. Stuff the truth so far down the throats of the haters out there that they can't spit it back at you.

    It must be exciting to be expecting twins so congratulations to you and your family. I hope that you're pregnancy is a happy and healthy one.

  7. Megan,
    I can't believe this is starting up again. I always knew there were assholes,( sorry, just can't think of a better word for them), out there that couldn't stand others having not only a happy life but fulfilling a dream at the same time. Those that fit in that catagory you should ignore and keep your thoughts pure to yourself and your desires for your life. Never be afraid to speak your mind. Speak with boldness and without fear and most of all always speak the truth.


    Ps: don't forget you already have a private blog. If you wish to say things you don't want to say here....

  8. Megan, Don't stop writing cause then the assholes win. They want you to walk away from your BLog and in a sense prove them right. So keep writing cause you are a voice for all us Poly Peeps out here in the net, we need you. We need to stay strong against these assholes.

    BTW: About your pregnancy, as your OB prepared you for the chance you might go into labor early by a month or so cause it's twins? I know most twin pregnancys end up going into labor early and that the OBs usually prepare the mommies, cause it can be abit tramatic, esp. with a first pregnancy.

    If you do go private or just move to your private BLog, I'd love to be able to read.



  9. Just wanted to let you know when I was pregnant with both my children I was given dates like you. The dr will be able to narrow it down as the fetus grows and measurements are easier to get. With twins though, there is less certainty. Screw them. I LOVE reading your blog and was close to tears of joy when I read you were having Twins. I'm Buddhist and only want you to did your path and live it right- only you can determine what "right" is for YOU!!!!!!

  10. *find your path....not did you path.

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  12. Just a head's up to any of you even considering visiting Medvecky's "Free the FLDS Children" site -- he has been known to rewrite comments made on his board. Not in an open and honest way, like deleting offensive material and placing a note saying so. No, he inserts offensive material and pretends it was always like that. Posting on his site is certainly an "at your own risk" proposition.

    Oh, and you could moderate the blog if you wished to eliminate comments that you don't like. It would be quite burdensome to do so if there were dozens of comments every day, but it doesn't seem to be that high on comments so that might be a solution.

  13. Rebeckah, why are you posting here and pretending to be "nice"?
    You are one of the most hateful polygamist bigots on these blogs.
    Go back to posting your bigoted vitroil on FLDS texas and Bluesy's site and quite pretending to be Megan's "friend".

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Duane, I'm not pretending to be Megan's friend, I'm simply being polite and respectful on her blog. I haven't seen anything here advocating for underage brides so there hasn't been anything that I would feel the need to speak out about. I don't approve of the lifestyle Megan has apparently chosen, nor do I think it is emotionally healthy, but she says she is a legal adult and I respect her right to make her own choices. You may call me all the names you like. I won't hijack Megan's blog to refute them. Anyone who wishes to know what kind of a poster I am can go to FLDSTexas or The Plural Life or Coramnonjudice and read my postings for themselves. I use the same screen name for all of them. Unlike you and your friend Medvecky, I neither post under anonymous sock puppet avatars nor would I EVER condone writing bigoted bile in someone else's posts. And folks, if you want to see hateful bigotry, take a look at Medvecky's site. The lesbian dyke gimp-with-a-limp and outright lies about CPS cases (which is laughable since there are plenty of TRUE stories about CPS he could use without lying) will curl the hair of any truly tolerant person.

  16. Donald, I quite agree with you. A person's blog is their own "house" as you put it and they certainly should be allowed to put forth an enforce any rules they like. If comments are hurting Megan's feelings then privatizing the blog, blocking posters, or moderating the blog seem to be reasonable options to me. No reasonable person would be critical of Megan for taking whichever option she chose to make her blog satisfying to her.

  17. A couple questions.

    I always thought Rebeckah was right on, duane. Werent you the one making nasties?

    Oh yeah. huh?

    Say did you know the LDS own the land of Eden in Missouri? Thats where Warren wanted to end up but the LDS own it all.

    I just watched "Damned to Heaven" online and heard Warren say that a planet was going to hit ours and the Twelve Tribes would board our planet.

    Is that what you beleive Megan?

  18. I'm a new reader to this blog. But I think Megan has made it clear she is not FLDS. I work for a doctor. She said she has never heard of an OB telling the sex of the fetus this early, especially with twins. She said that's isn't until the second trimester. She said that of course during the first they would notice if there were two. She said it doesn't sound right that an Ob wouldn't give you a specific due date.
    Megan you may want to see another OB.

  19. Megan is under no obligation to get her details exact, no one relating a series of events is going to get it precisly correct and she did a great job explaining herself.

    The only reason some of the commenters are getting "picky" is because this blog is gathering a large following and religious bigots can't stand the thought of a happy polygamist woman.

  20. Hi Megan,

    I hope you and your babies are in the best health. I get the whole due date thing. When I was newly prgnant with my son, I got a date based on the first day of the last menses. When I had the sonogram, that date changed a tiny bit. I know someone whos due date was changed by three weeks after they had a sono! I was told though, that the gender of a baby cannot be determined by sono until about 18 weeks- you might want to question that. that is the only thing I find odd/strange. Go for a second opinion? I would.

  21. Sorry to hear it Megan, but it must be something in the air. Someone else we know turned their blog private because people were being really nasty, and mine died for lack of subject matter.
    You could always make it private, or just add those you choose, or screen the comments...or quit. Something tells me in about 6 or 7 months you aren't going to have time to blog anyway :)
    Good luck and thanks for your blog.

  22. So I'm wondering if this is religious polygamy, what kind? Excuse me, I havent read the entire blog.

    If you arent FLDS I say count yourself lucky.

    Having someone like Warren ruling over your decisions would be scary. Can you imagine a guy like him marrying your 12 yr old child?

  23. About pregnancy and dates, the date is calculated from the first day of your last menses, so the date of ovulation and conception is 2 weeks later. So if you are 6 weeks pregnant, for example, you really conceived just 4 weeks ago. Based on this, conception date of September 11th would in fact give you a due date at the beginning of June (and week 0 would be in late August) sometime but probably earlier for you since it's twins. So I think you did conceive then, from what you say.