Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday night

Just taking a moment from my home work. Thank you to everyone who had the nice comments. I really appreciate that! Sorry I am not so good at keeping everything straight its not like I ever said I was a genius or anything.

So yeah the OB said that I might have to have the babies early and she also said I might have to do a c-section but I am hoping to do it the normal way. I won't be having them at home but will go to the hospital when the time comes. She also says I have to think about leaving school before school is done and the school says I can do that and take the classes I miss sometime in the next two years if I want so that is pretty cool.

Back to work.

Have a nice night!


  1. Don't give up hope:)
    It's possible to have those babies naturally.

  2. It'll be a good thing to leave school abit early, cause a baby can put alot of stress on the woman's body and twins will double that.

    Good Luck on them and it's a good thing you are going to the hosiptal, I was kinda hoping you wouldn't do a home birth, esp. not for your first and twins. Safer to be within the hosiptal in case something happens, which is very likely to happen.

    Be safe. Good Luck