Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I turned on the comment moderation and the people who were being a problem are not even putting in comments at all now.

It is now my turn to say something.

Other than asking people to donate to help out Jaycee Dugard I don't ask anything from anyone. I don't ask anyone to join us but the people who do write to me and want to join I have them talk to my pastor because that is not my thing. One of the people who was being a jerk did make me think about what I get from writing this and since it is Thanksgiving on Thursday I am thankful for the friends I have met on here.

My new sister Macy.

Erica, the best friend I never met.

Steady. Her name says it all.



My three new friends who are also poly...they know who they are.

And more.

I am pretty lost a lot of times and I write things here that are in my heart and troubling me and then there are times I get to chat with my friends on IM and share these things and work them out. You guys are my friends who listen to my screwed up mess and help me work things out. I am not sure I would have stayed here without my friends and that is especially to mean Erica. (-:

So friends are what I have to show for all this and I am very thankful to God for all of you.

Thank you and I pray you all have a wonderful and loving Thanksgiving.


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving too Megan!

  2. i think the people posting those comments just want attention and now that they can't get that, they won't even bother. Did Macy join the family as a sister wife? or do you mean sister as in she just lives there is you two are really close? just curious, if you don't want to answer cuz it private that's fine too.

  3. Megan, I'm glad to see that you are not going to let those comments get you down.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

    Stay strong!

  4. My Dear Megan,

    I first want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and give Thanks to God for your many blessings.

    Secondly, I am thankful for being a friend and confidante and thank you for including me in your closest friends. I can asure you I feel the same and hope I can be worthy of that possession.


  5. Yea, yea, you turned on moderation, because this blog is such a pile of crap. If you want to read a real blog about polygamy go to HoneyDawn's blog.

  6. Good for you. Moderate *YOUR* blog. It's only YOUR business what you do with your life, and if they don't like it, set them on fire.

    Fire cleanses everything!

    Happy T-day!


  7. Thanks Megan. :)

    Um… Did I miss something? You called Macy your 'new sister'… Does that mean it's official???

  8. I hope that moderating your blog returns it to what you want it to be. I'm sorry that it became a source of stress for you. Writing makes us vulnerable and it is sad that some people take advantage of that vunerability.

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving too!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Even you, Sweet!

  10. Hi Megan--happy Thanksgiving! I was hoping you'd tell us what your family was having for Thanksgiving dinner--are you making anything you've learned in culinary school?

  11. "I am pretty lost a lot of times and I write things here that are in my heart and troubling me..."

    I can relate to that. There's an odd contradiction in the need to tell very personal thoughts to the whole world juxtaposed with an almost equal need to maintain privacy. It's a difficult balance.