Saturday, May 9, 2009

Very quiet this morning

First I want to say Thank You to everyone for the nice comments! Shari read them last night and was amazed that so many people we don't even know cared about us. Thank you!

Shari left early this morning to go up to Oregon for the week with the girls. They left around 7am and expect to be there around 2 or 3pm. Steve is out discing the fence line for fire prevention and Christie is out on the patio with the babies. Steve has work to do here in town and will go up to Oregon on Thursday for the funeral. They expect about 200 people for the funeral and there will be people coming from all over the world for this.

Steve is not being the smiley person he usually is and when he and I took a nap together yesterday he mostly just wanted to hold me. I'm used to him being like this soldier kind of man and it is different to see him this way. He knew Nanna all his life and losing her is like losing a mom for him. His own parents died in 1999 and 2000 and Nanna was kind of the last parent he had.

The nights have been cool and with the construction on the house and me not wanting to go back to my old room I've been sleeping with Christie this week and the two of us are trading off with taking care of the babies at night. It's kind of nice to have so much time with the babies but I wish it wasn't because of what happened. I like sleeping with Christie and that is a surprise to me. She is very cuddly and it she says I am warm so she wants to be close. She didn't know Nanna so much and some of the talk about Nanna has been news to her too. We talk a lot at night and I guess this week we are becoming very close and I like that.

It's a really nice morning here today. It's a cool breeze and I can smell Christie's coffee in the house and I had some today too. It was really good with fresh cream in it. One thing I have loved here is fresh cream and butter all the time. I can't explain how much nicer it is than store bought. The butter is almost white and the churn makes it fluffy. Sometimes I just eat a little on its own it's so good!

I want to have some chickens and Steve promised me a chicken coop before the end of the month. I guess I want to have something to do to contribute to the farming and with my chores and all chickens would be a good thing to do. I don't know about killing them and I might let Steve do that when the time comes.

I'm going outside now. I'm wearing shorts and a t shirt today. Christie is doing the same thing and Steve doesn't mind because the girls are not here. I like the dresses but it is nice to be sort of my old self again too.


  1. Chickens are such fun - you won't regret it. Of course, I'm not planning to butcher mine, mine are here for the eggs - and they're giving me a ton! They've brought me such joy, make me laugh, and give me the freshest food possible - and I always have little homemade "presents" to gift to people when I go visiting. :-)
    It sounds like you're planning on raising broilers? Do you know how many you want?
    I'm excited for you.

  2. We (currently) too stay on a farm, but will be moving to town when Ruby joins us permanently. With mixed feelings I must add, but sadly the peace and tranquility of the surrounding nature is by far outweighed by the spite & malice of family living nearby - and this before our poly relationship (which they are totally unaware of) becomes permanent!!

    I raised broilers for quite some time and at one stage I was slaughtering (not personally) a thousand a week!!!

    Now that takes some arranging - the abattoir I used was some 30 kilometres away.

    Good money can be made though, if your operation is run properly - if family gets involved however it can (actually did) go belly up.

    Our thoughts and prayers are still with your family, and we hope and pray for peace and healing for your whole family.


    Dan, Helen & Ruby