Monday, May 18, 2009


I was up way late last night and had to be up at 5:30 this morning to get back to normal. I am so tired! I won't be on here a lot this week or today because there will be so much to do with everyone home and I want to be with them all. Especially Steve!

I got a suggestion from an email that I 'open it up to questions' like a press conference so if anyone wants any questions answered go ahead. Just this time I promise to answer anything.


  1. Wow, anything at all? Gee, I had better make it a good question then. Let me think… Um, okay…

    Was it Marcus who emailed this suggestion?

  2. D'oh. I think I wasted my question. :(

  3. OK! Here are 2 questions
    1. What is the one thing you like best about being in a polygamous marriage?
    2. What is the one thing you hate about being in a polygamous marriage?

  4. Megan you are so wonderfully blessed to have found your hearts desire so completely at such an early age. I too had the same desires, but never really found or created my fairytale life. I have a good life, but not the one I dreamed of creating. I tried, but not having the right partner who has the same dream & goal kept it from happening. Now that I'm over 50 and I realise that I'll likely never live my dream it nice to see that dreams really do come true. I hope you keep writing as openly, honestly, and in your own style. Maybe by others reading about what you so kindly share, they will understand that will a lot of work, co-operation and love; they can turn a dream into their reality, just as you have. I'm praying that all your family continues to be able to live with such joy & blessing for the rest of your life.

  5. This was in your last post and my question is based on this comment of yours.

    "I was surprised by the sex scenes being kind of real. I could relate to some of it and that surprised me."

    So what is it you relate to? And if you want to answer any of my other questions that would be great but I am not holding you to your promise, m'kay? Answer what you want and how you want.

  6. For real Marcus, your probing Megan for details about her sex life is getting creepy. You're showing way too much interest for my comfort level.

    Megan, I encourage you to be careful with sharing certain things with people. Just because someone sends you a pancake recipe does not mean he/she is a sexual predator.

  7. correction: Just because someone sends you a pancake recipe does not mean he/she ISN'T a sexual predator.

  8. Megan I enjoy the financial questions because that's alot of people's cons against polygyny is the financial reality of the situation.
    I don't really have one of those quesstions tho.
    I have another question --

    Is his first wife his "legal" wife?
    Are any of you "on the books" or no?

    (And I agree with ALM by the way, on the sex thing. While it's great for you to write about sex because sex is real life, someone asking "What do you relate to" in order to get you to describe a sexual act when you haven't divulged that information is going kinda far...plz don't do anything that makes you feel in any way uncomfortable.)

  9. My second question (and I've thought long and hard about it this time) is:

    Are you allowed more than one question?

  10. I don't know about the question thing, but I'm glad I found your blog! I believe you have commented on mine a couple of times. I am looking forward to reading you regularly.

  11. Just my two cents, but Marcus Aurelius was the name of a Roman Emperor. And Also the name Marcus Aurelius and the questions he is using seem oddly familiar to a cyber stalker I dealt with a few years back. Not saying you are him, but also not saying you aren't. Your questions and probing just strike the wrong nerve with me.

    Megan, Be careful with Marcus, Sex questions should never be asked in detail or probed about constantly.

    I do have a question. When you have a baby do you get to pick the baby's name, or is it a joint choice between you and Steve, or do all of you choose? (I hope that makes sense, lol)

  12. My questions is: when you have a baby, do you prefer a girl or a boy and why?

    And do you have any names already in the back of your mind for what you want?

    Oh, (so I have a few I guess) are you going to have a natural child birth at home or at a hospital with medication?

  13. My question: Did you keep your maiden name or did you take Steve's last name? Are you allowed to take his last name? Are your children allowed and/or will they have Steves last name?

    I also want to know if you are the one who gets to choose your child's name or if that is Steve's job.