Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 22, 2009

Wow! I am so blown away by all the comments! Thank you everyone!

Like Donald said I am not too worried about stalkers because I already had/have one online and it got handled and if anyone came to the house it is not just Steve they need to worry about because Shari, Christie, and Stevie have their own shotguns and I will be getting one someday too. We are way out of town so if we need the sheriff it can be an hour or more before they can be here so we have to be able to handle things ourselves. Steve said When seconds count the police are only minutes away and that we have to be able to handle our own problems. I feel very safe here but I am still very careful not to put things in the blog which might show or say where we live.

Steve is helping me do the chicken boxes today. He cut all the pieces last night and today we just have to put them together and I will have room for almost 300 chickens but we will start with just 50 so I don't have so much to do all at once. The chickens are mostly for eggs but they are supposed to stop laying after three to five years and then they will be dinner. The chickens are ordered and they are Rhode Island Reds and should be here next week sometime.

I am not pregnant. It's that time again and I know. One thing that is weird for me is my schedule is all messed up. Sometimes I am early sometimes I am late and that is just since moving up here and being married. I miss being able to know exactly when my time would happen for laundry reasons. )-:

It is nice and cool here today so I will be out to do some gardening after the chicken boxes are set up. This morning Christie made some hazelnut coffee and then made blueberry scones and it was so wonderful! We had them in the kitchen and it smelled so nice! Shari was pretty happy and she even laughed a few times so it is nice to see her feeling better.

It is really nice outside so I am just going to check email and then get out. Have a nice and safe Memorial Day weekend and be sure to remember the soldiers who died for our country when you have your BBQ and beer and all.


  1. Speaking of your 'schedule', that reminds me of a question I thought of asking some time ago and then forgot… In another post you said something about wives willingly giving up their nights with Steve when they have their period. That got me thinking about something I heard many years ago on a science radio show… They said that when women live together, over time their periods all sync up. There was quite a discussion about it, and why it might work like that.

    So is that not true? I guess other women living in plural marriage could answer that question also. Heck, even single women living in a shared house could probably answer that one for me!

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  3. Hi Megan (and Donald!),

    I meant to comment earlier to say that you may be erratic b/c your body is trying to sync up with Christie's and Shari's.

    It's a common phenomenon, and one I've experienced myself as an unmarried woman! Over four years in college, I lived with nine different women (I lived in a lot of crowded rooms), and my cycle changed each and every time, as did theirs.

    It may be annoying, but it sure is pretty cool.

  4. Hey Alana… Yeah, I just asked my wife about it and she experienced the same thing when she was at university, living with other women. I think we talked about it, but it was years ago. It's pretty amazing how it works.

  5. Hey Megan, 3rd has this really useful gadget on her blog (aside from all the really unuseful ones ;) called 'recent comments' which helps spot comments people make on older posts. Might be a handy one to add to your own blog since people are still commenting on some older posts. Here's the link if you're interested…

  6. Glad to hear that you are & feel safe about the stalker issue. Something that concerned me is someone being less than kind & hurting your spirit. Not everyone has good intentions...which is sad, but true.

    When all the females cycles syn up it's called "dorm syndrom" in college dorms. It's kind of a mess, until things balance out. An unexpected bonus is if they start and you don't it's likely that you're expecting!