Wednesday, May 27, 2009


That's the news right there! Christie got a + on her pregnancy test! She is so happy about it and we're all very happy for her! She has a due date in January 2010 and that will be a very good way to start a new year!

My baby chicks arrived today too so in all the excitment I had to get 100 baby chicks into the basement where it is cooler for them. It was 100 today here and it was too hot to put the chicks outside. The girls have been all over them and saying how cute they are. We borrowed two grape lugs from a neighbor and the chicks are in those for now until they get big enough to go outside.

Sorry to make this so short but it is hot and I want to get back outside for the breeze.


  1. Wonderful news all the way around. A new baby on the way, new ckicks arrived safely, and maybe a new friend joining a family in the community. You're going to need your own zip code if you keep growing at this rate. Don't give a lot of thought as to when you'll have you're own +. It will come when the time is right. Things just have a way of doing that.

  2. YAY! A new baby:) I can't wait to hear that YOUR test is positive:)

  3. How exciting, congrats - I pray you too will have a + soon :)

  4. Congrats to all on the new baby, congrats to you on your new chicks!! You're going to have a ball. :-)

  5. Dear Megan,
    Please give Christie and Steve my warmest congratulations I know they have wanted this for some time. It is wonderful how God will work. After he brings home one of his, he also replaces her with a new person to love within your family. I know your time will come with God's graces.

    I hope you know chickens are a lot of work. I know cause I was born and raised on a chicken farm. However, they are rewarding and will bring you lots of food and posibably enjoyment. The enjoyment will be determined bby how you relate to them and don't forget they are food not pets.

  6. I am very jealous that you get chicks! All I have is a cat and one of my friend's cats is about to have kittens and she is looking for a home for them and I would LOVE to bring home a new kitten for my baby but I live in an apartment and wouldn't be able to have two when I move. I miss having a baby animal around the house.

  7. Hi Megan,

    I have been following your blog a few weeks and think you have a very interesting story. I'm not sure I would be comfortable in your situation, but you do seem genuinely happy. I find myself reading daily to see what will happen -- both worried about you and happy for you that things are working out. It's not easy making it out of a difficult childhood finding happiness as an adult.

    I'm writing today to ask a few related questions -- you've been pretty open so far so I hope this isn't out of line. Right now everyone is excited by the news of Christie's pregnancy. I was suprised, though, to hear Christie was pregnant because I thought she just had a baby. Usually doctors advise women to space between pregnancies for the mother's health. Usually, too, women do not get their periods while breast-feeding and that acts as a kind of 'natural' birth-control.

    This leads to the questions:

    How do you and your sister-wives feel about birth control? Does the church take a particular position on this that influences you? What are your feelings generally about how many children you would like and how do these mesh with church teachings?

    Also, in talking about scheduling with Steve and co-sleeping with the other wives I began to wonder something else. Do you and your sister-wives sleep/spend nights with Steve without having sex with him? I realize that you are a newlywed and having your first serious sexual relationship and that it would be normal to be having a lot of sex right now, but it also seems reasonable to me that you would be establishing your relationship through non-sexual intimacy, too.

    I hope all of this isn't too personal. I'm genuinely curious and wish you all the best. You've been very honest and it's given me a chance to learn more about a lifestyle I wouldn't otherwise have a window into. Thank for that.

  8. Megan,

    I know I already said it to you, but Congrats to your family about Christie's +. I hope someday soon we hear + news for you.

    I can't wait to hear more about the chicks! I've always wanted chickens, not that I have ever lived anywhere that I could have them.

    I know what you mean about the heat! I'm dying here in AZ, I can't wait until we move to Indiana. Now, I may not be saying that come this winter when I'm freezing!

    You and your family continue to be in our prayers!

    Blessings, M