Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Love

So I finally saw the first two episodes of Big Love. Christie has them on DVD and I just have not cared so much. But today is hot again and I can't be out in the sun and then on the computer all the time so I watched it. Here is what I have to say:

  • I'm really glad we all live in one house. We will all have our own space again in a week or so so I do like that but I also like that we don't have to go next door to see anyone. The way they live in that show they are cut off from the rest of the family and I don't think I would like that at all. I LIKE having my sisterwives right near me.
  • The old man married to the 14 year old girl is sick and should be shot.
  • No offense to anyone but I like that we have a Pastor and not some dictator prophet. Christie said when Steve first saw what the prophet was doing he just said "130 grains in the corner pocket" meaning he would just shoot him. I love my husband! (-:
  • I was surprised by the sex scenes being kind of real. I could relate to some of it and that surprised me. I also understood why Christie didn't want me watching this when the girls were home. But I am thinking of buying Steve some Viagara for Christmas! (joke!)
  • The wives don't get along too well. I know this makes good TV but it would be hard to be like that. We have problems too but I don't think we would last if we were as bad as them.
  • I don't want a car of my own. I don't need one and I don't care.
  • They are confused. They are mixing too much traditional life with modern life and it does not work. The young wife wearing sexy things in front of everyone was not good and then she was practically humping the oldest wife's son in the kitchen! I can't imagine anything like that happening. So I get why dresses are a good idea. Wearing pretty much the same stuff at home we don't have to worry about anyone putting on a show or whatever. But it was nice this week to not worry about that and just wear shorts and tanks most of the week. But then I got a sunburn so the dresses make sense again.
  • There was this one scene at the FLDS town where the women were gardening and dang if that didn't look like me and Christie yesterday!!! We had to weed our garden in the hot sun so we had our dresses and hats on so we didn't get burned and then we were using hoes just like in the show. They got one thing right!
  • The children were awful. I had a hard time to watch the part where the young wife had so many kids going crazy on her. You don't wait for things to go bad and then try to get them under control you keep them under control and then you don't worry about it. But this is just TV I know.
  • I know this is a very interesting TV show for a lot of people but for us in real life things are so much more boring and I will say Thank You God! for that. It just isn't like what we have and I am happy for that.

I can't wait to have everyone home! This place is so quiet and empty without them all here. And I am missing Steve and seeing the couples on the TV show was not a help. They are leaving early tomorrow and not late like they first thought so they will be home in the afternoon sometime. Yay!

It is been hot here this weekend and the only nice part is when the sun goes down to go out to the pool. It's nice to swim and not worry about a sunburn and it will be the way I will do most of my swimming anymore. Skin cancer runs in my family and I don't want to deal with that.

I told one of my email friends about this and I was told I was a vampire! It feels like it sometimes. Last year I went to Aruba with friends and was out at the beach a lot and even with the spf45 sunscreen I still came home with burns in some places you don't want burns. OUCH. So I am a vampire anymore! Ahhh the sun!! Ahhhh!!!


  1. This is by far the most fascinating blog of all time. Seriously. Good to have some perspective on the Hollywood stuff by someone actually there. I also have to agree with you on the 'bunch in a bed' thing. I'm not in a poly family mind you, but I think if I could really wrap my head around the concept properly, I'd be ok with that sort of intimacy. I mean - 'the two become one' - part of that two has already 'become one' with several others... so aren't you all one kind of 'one' in an algebraic a=b=c sense? Maybe that logic doesn't apply. M'eh. Praying safe travel for Steve.


  2. Gosh, although Big Love does not come close to a real Polygamous family (especially Christian) GUILTY! I love the show! Did you watch the first two episodes of the first season? Margene's close to get a little more conservative ( I actually dress more like her in the later seasons and we are the same age) and she does get confronted by her actions with the eldest son! So it is very good TV! One of the reasons I am so fascinated by this show is; here is a man committed to his wives and believes in God!Unlike anything else out there!!!!

    I agree with you! I like being a Christian polygamist and I don't really know how being in the FLDS religion would pan out for me. The prophets, the additional scriptures, etc. I like how we live our lives by love and dictated by a Holy God, not a "prophet" I am friends with many many Independent Mormons and they are wonderful people, but I always think "I like my Jesus better" :P hehe..There are some aspects I adore about the religion. I like the family unit and some of the beliefs makes sense, ie. Spirit Children, etc.

    But I always like they way we do things:) Love, not force!

    Nice blog, my sister!

    In Love

  3. The children were awful. I had a hard time to watch the part where the young wife had so many kids going crazy on her. You don't wait for things to go bad and then try to get them under control you keep them under control and then you don't worry about it. But this is just TV I know.

    I have no doubt you will be an excellent parent. You've definitely got the right mindset for teaching them respect and accountability.

    One thing to consider though is rather than make it a control issue (because no child likes being "controlled"), I've found it's more important to teach them the "why" in "why you're asserting control over them." Otherwise they'll just rebel and do deviant things when you're not looking.

    If they actually understand why they shouldn't run in the kitchen and why they shouldn't talk with a mouthful of food, they'll appreciate the consequences and be less likely to actually do it.