Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another day in paradise

Okay so maybe it isn't paradise but it sure is close!

Thank you to everyone for the stuff about how women synchronize themselves. I had no idea about that and when I mentioned it at breakfast this morning everyone was like, "Yeah, where have you been?" I guess my mom and me never talked about that much so I never noticed anything. Now I know the schedule in the house and there's four women on it already! Speaking of schedules Christie is late by a few days and we're wondering if she will have good news soon.

I'm wondering when I will have a reason to wonder about this myself.

Other news. A 21 year-old woman from back east is coming to visit two of the families on Friday and she will be staying for two weeks. I had not mentioned this in my blog until now because I wasn't so sure what the deal was and I guess it just didn't feel right to post it. But anyway she found my blog and we emailed a lot and then she asked to come visit and then I passed it along to some other people to handle. We have two families who are very interested in meeting her and so she is going to stay with each of them for a week. She also wants to meet me so we will do that at the church meeting for June 7th. I had a phone call from one of the families wife and she was so happy about this. I did not mean for this to be something for recruiting people but I guess that is part of this. I also found out that opening up the church to the outside is kind of complicated but for some very good reasons.

I'm getting excited about my chickens showing up soon. It was hot today so we will be very careful with them in the heat. The trailer we made into their coop is under a tree to help keep it cool and we will have a swamp cooler for it when it is really hot.

Stevie's boyfriend moved into his house this weekend and I hear it is a nice place with a lot of room. He's wanting to have the church meeting at his new house and make it a house blessing service for July. I think that would be really nice.

The law to ban gay marriage got upheld in the California supreme court. I am not sure how to feel about it. There were some people who wanted to sue for poly rights if gay marriage was allowed and now that will have to wait or maybe they will try to sue up in Oregon.

Donald gets a big thank you for the idea about the recent post gadget! I think it is pretty cool!


  1. Well, it's not quite as cool as a good pancake recipe, but I'm glad I could help out somehow. ;)

  2. I'm think it's great someone is coming to meet with 2 of the families through your blog. That is so neat! God works in all ways :) How exciting for the families who are going to have her visit.

    Stevie must be excited about her boyfriends new house, obviously he is a very responsible young man. It will be great to hear more about the house blessing service later.

    It's a shame that the church has to be so careful, but it is VERY understandable. Of course, we all pray for the day when families like yours won't have to worry about those things. But until then it's SO important to be careful.

    Blessings, M

  3. I have nothing grand to add...mostly because I'm so many years behind....but, I love Chickens!!! My children and I loved hatching and raising chickens! I can't wait to have them again! - if you reply to my messages, I don't know where to go to see them. That occurred to me recently.