Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 2014

Happy Fall!

It's my favorite season of the year! The leaves all look so beautiful, there's a crispness in the air in the morning, coffee smells better this time of year and so does the kitchen with the fall baking season in swing! And, yes, I will probably gain a few pounds before the end of the month!

Let me answer a few questions:

I still work as needed to help out at a resort near here when they need me. Even though I prefer baking breads they like me to work doing prep and assisting with pastries. Once in a while they let me do my sourdough rolls which I am pretty close to perfecting. I briefly boil them like a bagel (and it heats them up inside to make them rise faster) and then I use a sweetened egg wash on them before baking them to a light golden brown. They're small, they're expensive, but they're tasty!

My favorite recipe right now is Portuguese Sweet Bread. The kids all love it and the house smells so lovely when I bake them! I usually make six loaves at a time and it'll be gone by the end of the day. I'm experimenting with different pans and have had some success with greased and floured clear glass pans. The traditional pie pan is okay but the bread almost always sticks to it and it just bugs me.

After five babies I most often feel tired. I hope that answers that one person's question (Marcus swears it wasn't him and I believe him.)

Right now I am the only one of us in the house who isn't pregnant. Macy and Cydne are both due around next April and Christie is due in late June. I'm getting a lot of attention lately so I imagine it won't be a long time before I have news of my own!

I am ready to do this again. It's funny how after Sarah was born I swore she was going to be my last baby and then time went by, she was weaned, she started sleeping through the night, I got some sleep...and then I started to miss being pregnant. I don't know how to explain it, it's like this building need inside me to want to be a mom another time. It's like this itch that has to be scratched is the best way I can describe this.

Steve's oldest daughters are doing well. Hannah is transferring from her first college to a new one so she can follow her major. She wants to study viticulture and enology and then get a job in the wine business and that will probably mean California.

Christie is still doing work and was suppose to be in Dallas last week but skipped it because of the Ebola thing. She says it's safer to be cautious and just go to town where she can use WebEx for a meeting instead of trusting that it is safe to fly. She says a lot of the news about the guy with Ebola was hushed up to make people feel safer. I like what she says about how it is better to actually be safe than to just feel safe.

We haven't had any crazy drama for a long time and that has been a blessing! Boring is nice!!! Steve keeps working and that is good, his business is doing good and the investments are doing good so all of us are getting modest allowances again. It's nice to have extra money to buy things for the kids and to buy stuff for the kitchen when I make my "pilgrimage" to the restaurant supply in Salt Lake City! I say 'pilgrimage' because Macy says I worship there! LOL!!!

Getting on time for me to start dinner so I will stop here.

God Bless and Keep all of you!

Love, Megan

Monday, August 4, 2014

Been a while. August 4, 2014

Hi there!

It's been a while and I have enjoyed the break from the drama and it's been nice to have the email drop off.

But I got a note from a friend who said I should post an update so here goes:

We're having problems with the US Park Service coming on our land. Twice now they've cut our fence and tried to steal some of our tagged bison claiming they 'wandered off' of their land! They're clearly tagged as our bison but I guess if you're the government then it's okay to do whatever the fuck you want. We're probably just going to go back to Black Angus because this is too much hassle and we know we can't win. We just need to get the calves grown enough to sell and then we'll stop bison ranching.

Steve continues to work in the oil fields and he's got a pretty big crew working for him now. Enough of a crew that he is home at least one whole week every month.

And that has had predictable results! (-:

Macy and Cydne are pregnant again and Christie and I expect to be expecting soon enough. We've been loving having Christie home from her work and the house has been a lot more 'alive' with her home! The babies are all doing well. Christie's boy Eric is six now and he's a big help around the house. He can even drive the small yard tractor and he's pretty good at it! Of course, he only gets to do this with an adult right close by.

My twins are four now and Laura is reading and Patty is more the tomboy and is more interested in the animals than she is with things in the house and learning to read. My boys are doing well and toddling and my Sarah Michelle is still my momma's girl and has to be held a lot every day.

Church is good but we lost some members as people moved away looking for work. The oil boom has been wonderful for us but not every family is able to make money on it. Things are still hard for a lot of people.

I'm still quilting and manage to make about one a month.

The chickens are doing good but I'm down to about thirty of them because it was so much work.

We still have our Polish guys helping on the ranch and they are awesome! One of them brought over his wife and they live in one of the houses out by the main road. They're nice people and VERY Catholic and they know we're poly and we know they won't be. We get along really well.

Can't think of anything else to write right now so I will close up.

I'm still open to questions if anyone cares.

Love to you all!

- Megan

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Taking a little break from blogging

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the season I've decided to take a break from blogging. I think it was Helene who asked that I say something before stopping writing here and she's right that it's a good idea.

Will I be back? I'm not sure right now, to be honest. But I also won't say 'never'.

So in case I don't get the chance I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Blessings upon you all!

Love, Megan

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Welcome Sarah & Madeline!!!

On October 18, 2013 my little girl Sarah Michelle decided to join our family! She's a big girl at 7lbs 6oz, 21" tall and, so far, it looks like she will have sandy blonde hair like her mom! And in the closest-birthday-in-the-family contest we have a winner with Cydne's little girl Madeline who joined us the very next day, October 19th! She's got dark brown hair and is a healthy 6lbs 14oz, 19" tall and Cyd came though it all just fine! She had a long labor (about 12 hours) but did really great! We're both trading off on the baby duties at night so each of us can get at least 6 hours sleep in a row and that really helps!!!

Steve was home for the births and he stayed the weekend but has had to go back to work now.

Sorry I haven't been on here for a while but I have had other things going on and I've also had some very mean hate mail that just had me not feeling so good about posting too much anymore.

I just need to clarify a couple things here for the haters:

1. I NEVER ask anyone for money, gifts, or whatever aside from asking people to give to real charities. It's also a little scary and sometimes creepy if someone goes all Private Detective and learns where we live and sends me things. Please don't do that!

2. I don't recruit people. Evangelism is not my thing and I am not a very good Christian and would not want to be responsible for leading anyone into the faith. That's not something I feel called to do.

3. YES!! I am asking people to accept poly!!! So long as it is a free choice between consenting adults then what business is it of anyone else's? Is it too much to ask for the same rights as gays have? Me personally I am not even asking for legal marriage, just the right to be left alone.

4. I am not perfect. I am not a role model. I sometimes screw up as a mom and I sometimes screw up as a wife and a friend.

5. I have a bad memory. I swear some of you know more details about me than I do sometimes! Don't get wrong, I appreciate that some people follow this blog and that's really sweet, but it's not like a Bible to me or anything. I write down what is on my mind at the time and I go on. Sometimes I change my mind on things and sometimes I get new information on stuff I've written about and I change what I say about it. If you're wrong about something and someone corrects you do you keep saying the same stuff just to be consistent? I don't.

'Nuff said.

Moving on....

Christie is working again and is traveling a lot. She wanted a break from having babies and figured she should work. Macy is trying again for a 2nd baby and we're all very happy for her about this choice! She has had a long time to heal from losing Rebecca and is ready to try again.

Hannah has been accepted to a private college and will start attending in the spring. We're VERY happy for her and hope she really enjoys school! She will be staying at the school and this will be a big deal for her since it is the first time she will be away from home and family in her whole life!

I'm down to about 70 chickens now. The egg business went way down on me and I had to give up a lot of my hens to the butcher in town. It's a business, I know, but it's hard not to love them all and miss them.

We had our first snow already. Not too bad where we live but South Dakota got hit really bad and a lot of ranchers lost an awful lot of cattle. I keep hearing maybe as many as 100,000 cattle died. It's really serious and some ranchers are asking people to donate cattle to help them get their herds back up. We don't have the cattle to spare since we sold off most of them a while back and started running bison. Upside of bison is they don't care about blizzards.

The park closure at Yellowstone gave us a problem when National Park Service police tried to 'close' part of our ranch. They ended up having to check their maps and the signs on their own fences to realize that our land is not their land. Those people really are (forgive me) assholes. I hope they stay in the park after this. Honestly, the way they acted with us gave me a bad feeling about the park. I used to love going their and now I feel like it's someone's private club and we're not invited. I don't think I want to go their for a while.

I am going to stop here for now just because things are busy and this is probably enough for right now.

I hope all of you are doing well!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote anything here!

There's been a lot of problems for us and now that they're finally over we are hoping to get back to normal. The big problem was someone reported us because they thought Cydne was underage and it took a lot to prove she wasn't because her family never got her a legal birth certificate. She has one now but it meant going to court and getting the court to accept the records we had. Cydne's family never registered any of their children with the government because they don't believe the government has any business involved with people's families. I believe the same thing.

For a little while it was kind of scary thinking that we could have serious legal problems but the church has good attorneys and it all got sorted out.

Another problem we had was a dispute over water. We have a creek on the property and the previous owners put up a small dam to make a pond and one of the neighbors sued us to take it down. We ended up winning because the judge said we were not taking the water for farming, just holding it back for a pond and she said that was just fine. We used to let these neighbors ride their horses across our land and now we told them to stay out after this and it is really sad to see things go like this.

There's been other stuff but it involves other people and they asked that I don't write about it.

Baby News: Cydne and my pregnancies are doing fine. Christie is trying but Macy is taking some time off from having babies to focus on Jacob and she says she will have another baby when she thinks it is time. She tried for a little while but then just decided to stop.

Christie's little girl Emmy started reading this spring and really took to it. When we're driving now she tries to read everything she sees and is really excited about it! It's so awesome to see her want to learn things! My girls are doing ABC's and numbers but are not reading yet. We all read to the kids and we do story time most days now to help get them started with the reading.

Christie's little boy Eric is driving one of the small tractors around the yard now and he is pretty good at it! He wants to be a construction worker like his daddy and wants to use the little yard tractor to pave a road someday. He's really cute too!

One of our weird things this summer was when Cydne was digging in the garden and she noticed these little rocks that look kind of weird. They are called octahedrons and they have triangles on each side. She collected eight of them and they're not so big but one is about 1/4 of an ounce. Christie looked them up and took some with her to Boston on a trip and a man she knows there said they were diamonds! How cool is that? We found out diamonds can be found around here and they're not the really valuable kind but it's still so awesome to dig and find one! It makes you feel like you have treasure!

We are all kind of excited about the Supreme Court decision on marriage. The pastor says it is just a matter of time now before poly is legalized. I think it would be really awesome for it to be legal because then it would let families like ours stop having to be quiet about it. It would be nice to go shopping with everyone and not worry what people are thinking.

My chickens are doing well. We took in some rescue chickens from the animal shelter and they were so sad! They were thin and missing all sorts of feathers and they were so dirty and smelly! Every one of them got a bath for mites and they've been getting fed and pampered and you can just see them go from being scared critters to happy critters! It really broke my heart to see them in such bad shape and I am going to make sure they have long and happy lives to make up for it.

That's about it for right now. I am marinating beef ribs for a picnic we're having later here at the house. Two of the families we are friends with are all coming over around four so there is still a lot to do.

God bless you all!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wow! Lots of questions!

Wow! I checked in today and found a LOT of questions and will try to get to them all:

1. I understand what you're saying about the women being expected to get soon after marriage. But what happens when someone is infertile? Is there a stigma? How do the women in that position handle that issue within your community?

I've never heard of anyone having any problems because they can't have children. It's just the same with us as with anyone else. I know some women who never had kids and no one says a thing about them. It's not a stigma at all it's just something that happens.

2. Do the women in your church primarily have sex for reproduction? Do you ever get to just for pleasure?

Yes, sex is primarily about having children and yes we also get to have fun! It's not like we become celibate when we're pregnant!

3. Do you cook/bake as much as u used too? Do you guys use crockpot a lot?

Yes, I am still getting up early in the morning to get breakfast going and making bread for the day is usually part of that. I'm also a big fan of the crock pot! My favorite thing to do is to sear a pork roast in a stock pot with vegetable oil and then put it in the crock pot to finish cooking. That way the seared flavor goes into the entire roast and not just the outside of it! Crock pots are also good for making spaghetti sauce and it's great in the winter for hot apple cider. I love the smell of apple cider and cinnamon all through the house!

4. Since I haven't identified what religious group your family are members of, I wonder about not using birth control. Do you have a religious belief about this, like the Catholic Church?

Birth control for us means abstinence. A woman can always choose not to have sex if she doesn't want to or if she wants a break from having kids. But we don't believe in using birth control unless there is a good reason for it like I know a woman who has fibroids and it would be dangerous for her to have any more children. It's a faith thing for us but we're not crazy or anything about it.

Drea and an anonymous person had the same kind of question about women not having kids and I think I got that answered with #1.

5. Also how do your kids handle being in a poly family, especially the older ones? Do they think it's odd that their family is not the norm, so to speak?

I guess to the older girls this is what normal looks like and they handle it the same as anyone would handle being in any other family. Kids with gay parents probably grow up seeing that as normal, too. I know I grew up with my parents being pretty violent and on drugs all the time and I guess I was like twelve before I realized that not everyone was like that.

The terrible things that happened this week in Boston and in Texas have been on my mind and my prayers go out to those people and their families who have been lost and who have lost loved ones. I can't imagine what they are feeling and how they are going to handle the future but my heart is just sick whenever I stop to think about them.

In Boston there was a Reddit page for buying pizza for the doctors and families at the hospitals and I sent two pizzas to Massachusetts General Hospital for the medical staff in ICU. If anyone wants to do the same thing it would be a nice way of letting those people know you love them: