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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Welcome to Bethany May!

 Early this past Saturday (April 23, 2022) a lovely little red haired angel came into the world and her name is Bethany May! She's got ten fingers, ten toes, and a little tuft of bright red hair! 

Right now she's also the center of attention in this family! 

I started labor on Friday early in the morning and it wasn't my easiest labor. Bethany was born at 2:12 AM on Saturday and she welcomed in so many ways! 

I'm doing pretty good and so is my baby! 

Thank you Jesus! 💖


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  2. Congratulations!! How exciting babies are such a blessing! Rest and recovery with some adjustment for all! God is good always!

  3. Congratulations, on new baby. I know what it is like to misscarried and then be pregnant
    I was pregnant after miscarriage but then misscarried. But I conttact you because I been trying to fine a good family to be part of and be wife
    I have tried the dating websites for it and they are no luck
    So I didn't not.know if u knew any families that was looking for another wife. I did email you to ask you with all my information hope to here from.u soon.

  4. Congratulations! God bless you! ❤️