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Monday, July 26, 2021

Answers to some questions on July 26, 2021

I had these questions from the other day:

Hi, Megan. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are doing well. And good luck with conceiving a new human life. So happy for you. Will this be your 10th baby?

I am curious what line of work Steve is in that he can afford airplanes and to support such a big family. It must generate a lot of income!

This will be my tenth baby and the ninth of my children in the house, God willing. Steve does construction work and it takes him out of state a lot. The airplane is really needed for him getting around and to transport parts sometimes. It can make him a lot of money but sometimes surprises will cut into the profits a lot so we always take care to be good stewards of our blessings. 

Jack wrote to me in email and had some questions:

Do you always sleep in the same bed as Steve or do you retire to you own bed and how do the other wives sleep?  

We each have our own rooms we can go to and be alone. Steve sometimes joins us in our room but we usually sleep with him when he wants company. 

Are you considered the Senior wife as the official Mrs W or does that not exist in your home? 

It's not a formal thing but it is a thing. Being the first wife or legal wife has some status to it and people look to you for wisdom and to make up your mind about things when Steve isn't around. It's not something I always want. 

How do you handle or how does Steve handle conflicts in the home? 

You just deal with things as best you can when they come up. The first thing is putting the family and the kids first. 

Is hubby considering another wife? 

No. Steve has made it very clear that he is not looking for another wife. I'm really happy with this decision. 

I know you all must really miss Christie. How are her children doing? Are they feeling lost in the mix? 

Christie's kids are doing good. It hasn't been easy for them or for us and we all miss her a lot. I really wish she were still the first wife around here. I miss her being in charge of things. 

Does Steve tell you his deepest secrets or does he not get vulnerable with his wives?

Steve does tell me things and I know he has different conversations with Macy, Cyd, and Amy. 

Are you ready for teenagers?

 😋 No! I think of myself as a mess when I was a teenager and while we've raised really good kids they're getting older and starting to be more curious about the world and sooner or later they'll have to start thinking about their plans in that world. I'm hoping they do better than I did at their age! 

How do you talk to your children regarding sex or do you even talk about it yet? Do your other children know about sex and or do you keep it technical as in "breeding" like the cattle and animals? 

We're just honest with them. As they get old enough to ask about it we answer their questions. 

Does anybody there do any sort of cannabis?

No. There is alcohol allowed in the house but that's it. 

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