Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 8, 2011

It's been a while since I posted a long post and I had a chance so here goes.

Danny the new baby is doing fine now and he's breathing good without the humidifier on all the time and that's a good thing because my room was pretty gross on the warm nights. He's gaining weight now and that is a relief. Someone mentioned maybe he is allergic to cow milk and he is not getting any cow milk yet.

My girls are both talking now but Patty started first and she's even saying small things like "Want water" "want cookie" and stuff like that.

Steve is doing really good with his work and he says it is the summer time and it's always easy to get work in the summer. Tab is with him working and they get along and are friends anymore. I think Steve likes having Tab around and thinks of him like a son in a way.

Tab and Stevie haven't had any kids yet but she says she is going to be happy to be a mom when the time comes.

Christie and Macy and their kids are doing good, too. What's funny right now is that none of us are pregnant for the first time in a long time. It would be nice to be that way for a while so we could enjoy the summer. I had a small glass of wine on the 4th and it was really nice because it made me feel kind of normal to be able to have a glass of wine and not be the pregnant girl who can't have any.

My bringing up the quiverfull thing caused some problems. It was not because I was arguing about it it was just I wanted to know more about it. It also makes me a little mad that this is what it is but no one wants to call it quiverfull and no one really wants to talk about it but then it is so big a deal. Christie calls it the elephant in the room.

I will deal with it but it is just wrong to me that the truth is not something you're supposed to talk about.

My friend Lydia is pregnant and seems pretty happy about it. She's like me the first time knowing that the baby changes everything and some of your choices go away when you find out you're pregnant. Up until that happens you can think that you can change your mind if you want but after that your responsibilities really change.

I added to my chickens and we made part of the barn into a hen house. I'm not sure exactly how many we have now but we all think it is around 350 chickens now. Every morning I am getting about eight to twelve dozen eggs and the money is starting to help out a lot.

That is about it for right now.

Have a Happy Saturday!


  1. Quiverfull is causing a problem? Forgive me if I've no sympathies for you. You joined a patriarchial religion/group/sect and as I recall you were admonished to reconsider this choice yet you chose to proceed anyhow. You were told you'd be a sex toy for your husband and you'd be controlled by having lots of babies and NOW you're surprised?

    My advice? Lay back and let your husband put more babies in you. Stop complaining or resisting when he comes to you and take off your panties like a good girl and submit to your husband like God intended you should. I know if I were your husband I'd be doing the same thing and keeping your mind off of things by keeping your day busy with raising a family during the day and pleasing me at night.

    You know deep down inside you like it this way and that's why you never left. You love your man between your legs showing you who's boss and pumping his baby juice into your willing womb. Admit it and accept it and stop whining about it.


  2. Nice to hear the chicken thing wasn't just a passing fancy of yours. You're probably a great chicken momma!

  3. Andrew:
    I don't think that Megan said that Quiverfull was causing a problem. I think she said that talking about it was problematic. Although Megan didn't specify what exactly the problems were, I've been reading this blog long enough to get that the problems are in the nasty responses she got, such as, frankly, yours.

    (a reader with no personal advocacy of Quiverfull, or polygamy.)

  4. Andrew, let me guess -- you enjoy spending your days trolling on other people's sites, leaving nasty comments as an "anonymous" poster, because you are filled with frustration and anger in your day-to-day life but rather than take that frustration out on people you actually must speak to fact to face, you prefer to unload on complete strangers on the Internet who can't physically hold you accountable for your rudeness and lack of manners.

    It's quite obvious that Megan was saying her problem was with some of her church members who don't want her talking about or using the term "quiverfull." I have been a member of a similar church that didn't like it when I asked too many questions or brought to light some inconsistencies in doctrine. Good for Megan for 1) asking the question in the first place, and 2) for taking responsibility for her choices even if she wasn't given the "full disclosure" in the beginning.

    Megan, I hope you ignore Andrew's comment. Obviously, you're going to meet trolls when you put your personal details online.

    I do think I understand what you're saying. I understand your frustration. Has anyone given you a reason why they don't call it, or don't want to talk about "quiverfull"? It could just be a semantics issue, or there may be more to it.

    Honestly, this is why I'm not religious, and why I don't believe churches (ahem, church leaders) should have any say in people's lives. But that's my personal opinion.

    It also explains a little why Stevie's mom (sorry, can't remember her name) left. If she couldn't have any more children, it might seem like God was punishing her, especially if its something the church encourages or requires. I know I'd feel like a spiritual failure if I couldn't do something that was a basic tenet of my church. Again, another reason why I won't let church or elders dictate how my life is supposed to be.

    On a nicer note, I'm glad to hear that Danny is doing better. Keep in mind that if he does have a milk allergy, if you are drinking or eating dairy products, he is getting it in your breast milk. The same goes if he has a wheat allergy, a nut allergy, etc. To test for allergies, you can take a little bit of a substance and tape it to the back of his shoulder for a few hours. If his skin turns red or rashy, it's an allergy. Keep a good eye on that. But before you do that, I would cut out dairy from your diet and see if he feels better. It may take a few days for you to notice a difference.

    Enjoy your summer!