Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Up Late Update

I can't sleep. I am guessing it is the pregnancy thing or something. I'm totally wide awake.

I haven't really posted a lot in a while so this is a good time for it.

The best thing lately is Patty is walking. She started standing at around nine months and now at almost 1 year she is walking. I mean it is not like she is walking all over, but she can put her hands on things and walk around or if I hold her hand she can walk a while. Laura is still crawling and is wonderful and my wonderful little angel!

Christie is crazy busy with her work. Macy and Steve are trying for another baby.

Tab and Stevie are doing better after being here a while. Tab got a job of his own and says they will have their own place as soon as he can afford it but for now it is really nice having them live here.

My friend Carlee lost her baby. I can't even tell you how sad that has made her family. The doctor said there was no way that baby would have lived so I guess it is merciful but you still ask why even have that happen at all?

I'm horny. Everyone tells me it is hormones and all but it is a little too much for me. I mean it is nice that I am finally feeling very positive about sex but it is also kind of strange because my mind is one way and my body is another.

Marcus wrote to me. It was a really nice letter! He attached pictures of his new house and his girlfriend (cute!) and I am praying for his happiness.

Snow is boring.

I've had a couple people send me serious letters about national health care. I guess my whole opinion of it is if it is so wonderful then 1) why do people have to be forced to buy it? and 2) why is it the very first thing that Congress and Obama did was make sure they could keep their health care? And now like a whole bunch of unions and states and all are wanting to be exempt from it?

I mean if the people who know the most about it won't use it then I am thinking it won't be all that great for me either.

Canada looks like they might legalize poly! That would be so awesome! I am thinking if it gets legalized there then it won't be a long time before it is legal here, too.

Having one baby is waaaaaay better than having two! This has been so easy compared to the last time! My feet don't hurt, my boobs feel better, I am not ripping stretch marks all the time, and I don't feel as big as a whale. If it is just one at a time after this I will be so happy!!!

The chickens are happy and doing well. I have some chicks already and the summer will probably see 60-100 new babies in the yard! That also means I will need to sell some chickens soon and that is cool with tourist season coming up.

It is 2:24am and time to go to bed even if I can't sleep.

I would LOVE some questions! Ask me ANYTHING you want. If it's bad I just won't answer so feel free to ask any crazy questions as anonymous if you want, I won't mind.

Everyone take care and I hope you are all enjoying the Spring!


  1. I just want to say that's so funny that Stevie's husband name is Tab, is that short for something? That's my nick name too, its short for Tabatha, so I have no idea what it would be for a boy's name, or is his name just Tab?

    That would be awesome is Canada legalized poly, but they also legalized gay marriage and that hasn't happened here yet either. The tried in California and it didn't work. I hope they are able to do it someday though.

    Have you heard from Shari? How is she doing?

    i didn't know you could rip stretch marks, thats sounds so awful and painful.

  2. I've always enjoyed reading about the land; how your family relates to the new terrain. For example, when you described how much you enjoyed looking out the window when you do dishes, that you have beef cattle, etc... I live in a small city, but I own a farm too, and spend whatever free time I have out there.

  3. some questions I have had: What are some differences (good or bad or just different) that you see between the last church community you were in CA and where you are now? Are both church fellowships connected to each other or completely independent and different styles, doctrine, etc? Are you in touch at all with your mom since moving out of state? How do you feel that relationship has changed as you have settled into the family? What are things your family does for fun? Do you think your family has settled for the long haul in the area you are at now or do you anticipate moving often? Do you spend much time with the women in other families at your church or is most of your time focused with specifically your family? and this might be too personal so just let me know---how do you work through/what do you talk to yourself about and think through when you are needing time with your hubby and he is with another wife and you feel jealous? do you have difficulty by like visioning their relationship or do you just train your mind to not think about the relationship your hubby shares with the other wives? Are there times where your hubby confuses wives names?
    lots of questions hope you don't mind.

  4. Hi Megan,
    I posted this to you on another site but thought you might not check your mail there....so I'll ask it here:
    I was reminded of something I wanted to ask you-for some reason I keep thinking of your family as we are moving in regards to water...
    my husband and I are relocating to OR, which is sort of (maybe) temporary, but one of the MAJOR things we are using as criteria (since we don't have family or a church to be near) is WATER, and I remember you saying one of the reasons your family was moving was because the state of Calif. was metering wells and we want to be someplace with PLENTY of water, even if it's in the middle of nowhere...but I know you guys are in snow-land...I'd LOVE to end up in a place with no snow, BUT that's doubtful, since we'd like to find an area with inexpensive land (which leaves out CA and OR) so we can have at least 40 acres...
    I just wondered if you did end up moving and finding a new location based on water (or church groups) and if you found a state (you don't have to tell me which one) that didn't meter.
    We are getting pretty paranoid about having access to lots of good water!!

    Hope all is well with the baby. A relative of mine is expecting twin girls soon, so I'm excited to spend time with them!


  5. Hello! My questions are quite humdrum, but I am very curious. You have such a large family, with I don't know how many children(how many kids are in the house now?) and four adults... how big is your dinner table? What sort of style is it? Square, circular, or other-shaped? Do you eat in the kitchen, or do you require a full on dining room? I ask this, because I have never been in a large family,(I'm an only child, and now I am married with no children) and our various tables can on average accommodate only 4-8 people, maybe nine if we push it. Your family clearly needs more space than that! Thank you for your time.