Friday, October 1, 2010

"Sister Wives" stuff

For my family and for our church this has been big news this week watching this to see what happens. Part of the problem is the people on the TV show live in Utah and the Mormons probably feel like they are supposed to 'prove' something to the rest of the country by prosecuting the Browns. I'm glad we don't live in Utah but it's still a worry because if a big deal is made out of this then that will make it harder on our family I am sure.

Someone emailed me and asked if we knew the Browns and we don't. But they do seem like some of the families we know so it's not like they are so strange. The one big house is pretty normal but the husband with the fancy car is not normal for us at all. Most families don't like to attract attention so their cars are pretty normal. Christie has her Volvo and I think that is the fanciest car anyone I know has. Where we live now it's mostly pick up trucks and 4WD SUVs and that's what most families have.

I saw the show with the 4th wife and the jealousy and I totally understand. It's hard and it isn't like it is so much jealousy against the person it's more like it's the situation. Macy coming into the family was a good and Godly thing to do instead of telling her to leave but that led to Shari leaving in some way so I have mixed feelings about it. I love Macy but if she had not had her problems that made her come to us we would not have had a 4th wife and then lost Shari I think.

Losing Shari messed us up with money so there is no way we would have a 4th now so that is not a worry. Everyone is happier without Shari being so serious and upset around the house and even her daughters are pretty happy now and loving the new peace in the house. I read one article about the Browns that said the life was a fantasy land and I think that sometimes it is. It's kind of weird sometimes when you go like weeks without an argument with anyone. I mean it is good but I was so used to fights with my mom all the time that now it is kind of weird sometimes. I can understand why this life would look so weird or even fake to someone who is used to a lot more drama in their life.

I think part of it is we keep quiet anyway so our lives are not that exciting with bad things happening. There are no fights over money, the bills are always paid first, we have food on the table, the house is warm or cool when it needs to be, we have nice clothes, cars are not a problem, and we all have some private time and our own space when we want it. There is just nothing to really get upset about.

New topic: Cooking

Steve was out hunting and he and his friends came back with 22 geese. I volunteered to clean them and prep them and the men all jumped and said yes. Yay! That meant I got 22 goose livers to make foie gras with! They were pretty lean so I added two sticks of butter and then a little broth reduction and it came out pretty good. It was funny some of the men had never had goose liver before and they acted like it was something awful until they tried it. We roasted three of the geese and they came out pretty good. Wild geese are more lean than the ones you can get in the store so they are not so greasy and I liked that.

I'm trying to do sourdough bread and I am growing a starter right now. It's three days old and I am going to try some on Sunday for dinner and see how it goes. I have tried before and they don't do too well but this time I am using brewing yeast we got from a home beer making friend and I like the smell! It has the right bitter scent to it so I am hoping it comes out okay.

It is almost 8:30 and time for our movie. We are going to watch "The Book of Eli". It is supposed to be a good story but lots of violence. I'm not so much on the violence but it is supposed to be a good movie anyway.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I loved "the book of eli" I thought it was good movie even with the violence, its not just there for the sake of violence, it actually adds to the movie. those kids of movies always make me think about what the world would be like if something like that happened.

  2. Hi Megan, how are your girls doing? I hope all is well with them :)

  3. Hi
    Someone I follow on Twitter just posted a link to your blog. I look forward to reading it. The power of the Internet to bring us different wields.

  4. It sounds like all is working out well for the moment. I hope you and your family continue to do well.

  5. Megan,
    I have been reading your blog for a long time, and when others that I know read your blog, and have attacked you for your comments, I have always defended you.

    Nevertheless, often I have read your comments, and wondered to myself, 'what kind of a person would say such a thing', then I try to understand.

    That is what I thought when I read this:

    "even her daughters are pretty happy now and loving the new peace in the house"

    I was a once a child who never expressed how I felt, for a number of different reasons that are not relevant here.

    I will choose to interpret your statement as meaning that you do not want to consider the more complicated and painful aspects of reality at the moment of writing, rather than viewing you as mindless, which is what many people I know have accused you of.

    Best wishes to you, but my thoughts are primarily with Shari's daughters who have been left by their mother.

  6. You really must write more about your cooking, I learned a lot just by reading your experiences while going to chef school. Not only that but you inspired me to start becoming adventurous in the kitchen...haven't managed ot burn down the house yet. lol!

  7. I got more adventurous in the kitchen too, I did a pizza from scratch and it came out pretty well.