Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31, 2010

Thanks for the good questions! Sometimes things are just what they are and I don't know what to write about so this is a nice way for me to find something to say.

Shari was homeschooling the kids wasn't she? who is going to do that now that she is gone, or will they go to a public school?

Lauren and Hannah will be doing some homeschooling with us and they will be going to a small school that a church family runs starting after the harvest is all done. The little kids we can homeschool and Macy says she will get her teaching certificate for this state so she can teach and we can have a private school. She can do that mostly by mail here so it is not a big deal.

What type of denomination do you and your family belong to? If you do not belong to any mainstream denomination what at the doctorines of your faith?

Our church is supposed to be like a old school Methodist church. Not United Methodist but it is supposed to be like the Evangelical Brethren and I don't know a lot about that. I know we really have our own thing and then the three main congregations do some different stuff. Like this one meets ever Sunday and we have a church and my old one met once a month at people's homes.

I never would have imagined when I first started reading this blog, that Shari would the one to leave. It is the disruption of a long standing relationship, and the separation of a mother from her children. It makes me sad.

I know that is not a question but I wanted to say something about it. I love Christie and Steve but I really would NEVER done this without Shari here. She was like the rock in the family that made me feel safe and at the same time she was really into the rules and all. Things are way more less stressed without her here but it also doesn't feel as permanent as it use to be. We are all going to work hard to be a good family but having her leave is hard because I know Steve is the man and all that but Shari was the head of the house for real and her being gone took a lot of the life out of the house. I really miss her and wish she would come home but just be less stressed if she did.

Next week I have to be back in California to do my final exam and get my diploma for cooking school. I'm pretty sure I will do fine but hope to get a prayer from everyone too! Thanks!


  1. Hey Megan, Glad to hear your babies are doing well!

    I'm really sorry to hear about Shari, but these are things that Gad has given your family as a test and to help make you all better and perhaps she really just couldn't take it anymore, it's hard to share and its harder for women to share what they love most. Sometimes women need to move on and try new things, although i feel bad for her kids they must be really hurt. I hope she keeps in contact withthem and tries to expalin to them why she had to leave and why she was so hurt, it will help them later when they want families to adjust better.

    I like hearing about your chickens. It always makes me smile.

  2. Good luck and God bless you on your exams, Megan. The world can sure use another lovely sister who can cook wonderful food, love her man, and contribute smiles, warmth and joy to all. I think you are that kind of girl. You studies have sure been interupted, so you have double, triple, extra challenges on your education goals. Try to focus on your exams and nothing but your exams while you take them. I wish you well, no matter how well you score. Your fan, Trueheart12.

  3. I know its kinda soon, and if you can't answer this its fine. I know Steve is hurting b/c Shari left, but do you think he would consider legally marrying any of the other wives? or just leave things how they are?

    Is the family going to totally relax the dress code now that Shari is gone, or do you still keep some of her rules? Has anyone heard from her? does she still contact her daughters?