Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where have I been?

I haven't been on here in a while because I have had some serious studying to do and I also have been spending more time with my family than on the computer.

The best thing that happened was I got to go with Steve to do a bid in Monterey on the 16th and we stayed the weekend. It was the first time we got to go do a trip together and we had a wonderful time! We drove through San Francisco because Steve had to pick up some plans and then we stopped in Moss Landing and had lunch. The food was really good but the fried stuff made me kind of sick and I don't think I will eat so much fried stuff anymore.
We stayed in Pacific Grove at a really romantic B&B and it was just great. Steve did his business stuff on the 16th so we had the weekend to ourselves and on Saturday I saw the Monterey Bay Aquarium with him and that was pretty cool. I had never seen a white shark before and the otters were really cute! On Sunday Steve played golf and I walked around Carmel for a while. It is a cute town but everything is soooooo expensive! This one place had a sweater that cost $650!!! The picture up on the top of this page is from Pacific Grove and I took it with Steve's nice work camera. I think that was on the Saturday. It was a little hard to come home after being just me and him for the weekend but it was nice to get back to everyone too but it was even nicer to have a romantic time with Steve.

Stevie (Stephanie) is doing good and this last Saturday we were over to help paint and to hang curtains. We had a nice time and Stevie made lunch for everyone. She is seriously enjoying being married and she really loves her husband. It is kind of cute to see her get all mushy with him. (-:

Macy is really doing well and is just being a part of the family. Lauren is teaching Macy to ride the horses and Macy is liking it a lot. Shari is teaching Macy how to quilt and the two of them are becoming really good friends.

School is going good for me but we are doing chemistry right now and that has made me not be on here because I just don't have the time. I didn't think cooking school would be so hard but it is.

The baby is doing pretty good but I am starting to feel a little icky every now and then. Like in Moss Landing with the fried food. It tasted really good but after an hour I was feeling not so good. Some mornings are worse than others but it is still not as bad as what some people tell me about. The worst thing right now is my boobs are sore about all the time and Christie says she had the same thing so it is just normal I guess.

The best news is we have not had any drama lately so it has been just really peaceful.

Before I forget, a local newspaper had a story about some people not far from here who are in a 'Quiver full' church and they have babies all the time because of a verse in the Bible that talks about men having sons. Steve says we are not like that because that church is 100% patriarchal and he says we are a lot more about men having responsibilities and obligations than about men being the king of their house. Basically we do a lot of the same things those people do but not for the same reasons.

It is time for me to get going to school and I really wish I could just stay home and be on chat with a lot of you! I really miss all of you! )-:

Have a great day and everyone smile at someone today! (-:


  1. Glad to hear from you. I have 2 things. First is I know what you mean about Montertay/Carmel area. I was ther with friends in the mid 60s while stationed in San Francisco and camped on top of a mountain just outside of Carmel. Quite an experiance! Beautiful area.

    The other is, I was wondering how much longer is Macy going to be aloud to stay with you? You had mentioned once that someone was not aloud to stay for extended periods of time.


  2. I decided to start posting on your blog, so I'm gonna check up on you. Don't worry, I'm a really nice guy and being too nice can be annoying. :-D

    Ah, I remember when I traveled to Monterey and Pebble Beach with my Mom when I was age 12, the peninsula with a 17 mile drive covered with the picture-perfect cypress trees. Wish I was there (again), my 2nd trip like 4 yrs. later was my near run in with the male seals defending the females on the summer time mating season. +