Sunday, July 19, 2009


Lots of questions so I will try to answer some of them.

  • Our dresses for around the yard and house go below the knee and have long sleeves. Long dresses would not work on a ranch with cattle.
  • I have plenty of rights but you'd have to read some of my earlier posts to know about them.
  • Steve is older than me and I don't care. He is 1000x the man any of the boys I knew before are. If I only get to have 20 years with him then 20 good years are better than 40 okay years with some guy my age. He is the most wonderful and caring man and I would not trade him for anyone.
  • There will not be a 4th wife. Shari has said so and that is final. I would not agree to it either because I don't want to share Steve anymore than I already do.

Vanilla ice cream, blueberries, and apricot sauce.


  1. Are you and the family practicing Mormons? If not, what is the religious basis the church uses to support polygamy as part of the faith?

  2. Damn Megan, those yummy endings to your post are gonna make me gain all my baby weight back. lol. Darn Vanilla Ice Cream....

  3. ALM, read Megan's earlier posts. She's made it clear that they are not Mormons.

  4. Thanks Donald.

    Megan would you mind answering the other portion of my question: what is the basis for polygamy within your church's doctrin?


  5. ALM, I'm just repeating what Donald said: Read Megan's earlier posts. IMHO there is no Biblical justification to ban polygamy so I don't see what the problem is here. Jesus explicitly said he did not come to change the Old Testament but to add to it. The OT allowed poly all over the place and so did Jesus (logically). She does not need to justify her church's position on this it is everyone else who needs to justify their absurd opposition to it. So long as these people are as happy as they are and they are not breaking any laws they don't need to justify shit. In the USA it is everyone else who needs to justify why they're so needlessly involved in everyone else's business.

    Megan, I love your comments at the end of your posts! Keep it up, babe!

  6. Marcus

    Your hostility is really unjustified and frankly, I'm pretty tired of it. You are too possessive of Megan for my comfort and I hope she sees how disturbing that is.

    My question was not a challenge but one of inquiry and it was directed at Megan since it is her church. Since mainstream christianity doesn't support polygamy, I was curious as to why her church's doctrination differs.

    I was not insinuating anything and in the future please keep your nasty bullying remarks to yourself.

  7. Dear Mr. Marcus:
    ALM never said there was a problem. She just asked a question. 'Stay out of the business of others'? Thank you for the suggestion. Do it.

  8. And PS Marcus Man, if you weren't in a self-perpetuated tailspin over the personal styles of other people, you would have had the mental space to perceive the importance of the question. Understanding the religious basis of our lives is extremely important to right decision making.

  9. Thanks Helene and I totally agree with your ps post.

  10. ALM, I am not going to get into a discussion or argument about your posts. However I am going to respond to your inquire.

    First of all, If you really wanted an answer to your question you would have taken Donalds advice and read Megan's previous posts. In them she explained what she was learning in her church.

    I agree with you Marcus' responce was a little hostal. However, if you were that interested in the answer to your question he did answer it and all you had to do is to read beyond the hostality. If you still don't understand it then try opening your mind to something new. and read what is written and not what you want to read into it.

    To Helen, I agree that "understanding the religious basis of our lives is extremely important to right decision making". But there is no one on this earth that has gotten it right yet except Jesus. The reason is, we as humans, read into it what we want to, to justify our opinion just as the religious people did throughout time. Therefore, I agree with you we should stay out of others religious beliefs and let them live under the beliefs they believe in as we believe in what we do. We should not judge someone elses right to believe in God the way they wish to. Who are we to say what is correct when we don't have it right ourselves?

    I think we should stop beating a dead horse and just follow Megan's life and help her celabrate it with her as she goes along. Advice is one thing, but all these questions don't.

    enough said!

  11. Compdome

    Megan has invited questions so I don't see why you have a problem when they are asked.

    What's your justification for me to read past Marcus's hostility especially when my question was directed to Megan? I don't care about Marcus's interpretation of Megan's faith. Remember he's the one that's asking all the disturbing questions about what she and Steve do in their bedroom. Why don't you go back and read his posts where he's used foul, obscene language? Why don't you chastise him for his line of questioning and attitude?

    So, my advice to you is to stop being a hypocrite and be quiet. If you prefer to be mute and not ask questions to better understand Megan's life that's your choice, but since she has been gracious enough to invite questions and answer them then I will take her up on her generosity.

  12. This is so much fun! It reminds me of when I was a kid at school, and the teacher was late coming back to class, and before long the classroom degenerates into bedlam, with lots of noise and things being thrown across the classroom… Special times. :)

    Just to make it clear, I didn't mean to stifle the asking of questions… But I do recommend that people read all Megan's posts if they are really interested in learning more about her life.