Monday, July 13, 2009

Just plain old flu.

I just had a really bad case of plain old flu. Yay! The county Health & Human Services told my doctor I was negative for Swine flu and that I had just a bad strain of the regular flu. I was prety happy about that and it didn't really matter so much because I feel fine now. I think I feel better just because I had some really good sleep too.

Stevie (Stephanie) has her wedding set for Saturday September 5. Her fiance got the things done that the church wanted him to do before he could marry so now the two of them are getting married! She is really excited about it and will be getting the dress probably this week. She is not nearly as nervous as I was and says she will be just fine with everything. One of the things that took getting used to was how she and her sisters knew an awful lot about sex and that is just the farm thing. It pays off when it comes time to marry because the girls know exactly what it means to be with someone.

Steve has been working late a lot lately on a big paving project and this week it will be hot so they have to work at night pouring concrete because it will be too hot in the day to pour the concrete. He was home all day today and left for work around 7pm and he won't be back until maybe 8am tomorrow. It was nice having him home during the day. Nothing got done in the house but we did have a lot of fun and it was nice to be able to talk to him a lot.

Christie is really back to normal and is wanting to try for another baby sometime soon but says she will wait until the end of September because that was the earliest the doctor said she could go. One big thing was Eric in the last week started making sentences that actually make sense. He used to say "Water" or "Cup" and then last week he said "Cup of water?" and now today it was "I want juice, please!" Christie and the girls have really been working with him and they have got him saying so much in a really short time. It is like someone turned on his talking all of a sudden and he went from regular baby talk to talking like a little boy. It is so cool to see him grow up.

The chickens are doing well with the heat. We set them loose in the garden today to eat bugs and they did a good job. They ate a lot of tomatoes too but they also cleaned up all the snails and slugs. Before noon we had to get them all put in their coop with the ac on but they had a good time before that. Only a couple of them have a little bit of down anymore and they look mostly like half size chickens. They are called pullets I know but to me they just are half size chickens!

About my writing this takes me so long to write and then spell check that I don't know how I would ever write anything like a book but it is nice that some people think I could! (-:

It is just before 9pm and it is still really hot so it is swim time! Yay!

The smell of pancakes and coffee in the kitchen right as the sun rises in the kitchen window.


  1. Glad to hear you're ok and things are uplifting around there!

    About my writing this takes me so long to write and then spell check that I don't know how I would ever write anything like a book but it is nice that some people think I could! (-:

    So we do share the same problem :)

    To that, I can only advise you to practice, practice, practice. You're better at it than you think-- your oldest posts had a lot more grammatical and spelling errors than your more recent ones, so you're definitely improving. Is this the most significant work of writing you've ever done?

    One thing I've noticed you don't go into much detail on is your relationship with the church. You've made a few references to the bylaws you're obligated to follow but I don't get any feeling of enthusiasm for the church's teachings. Are you like Christie in this regard, or are you just not allowed to talk about it?


  2. Sorry to hear that you were sick but big sigh of relief that it wasn't the Swine flu.

    I hardly ever get sick but if I ever do it's a mild cold during the summer. Mind you never in the winter but specifically the summer. Weird lol.

    It's great to hear that everyone is doing well, sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you.

  3. Reading this post brought a couple of questions to mind. I hope you don't mind my asking them.

    Is Stevie interested in living polygamy later down the road?

    Since Christie is not suppose to get pregnant again right now for health reasons, does that mean she can't be with Steve at all or is birth control allowed in situations like this?

    I agree - your writing is getting better, not that it was bad in the first place. It has been fun to watch you grow and develop in many ways.

    Stay cool!