Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Culinary School

I started culinary school today and it was all classroom stuff today. I have to learn a lot of chemistry and a lot of things like what temperature different oils burn at and what temperature alcohol burns off from food and a lot more stuff. It is funny I don't like class work and that is what we have to do for the next three weeks. We have to learn about food safety and then things like nutrition and portion control. We have to learn about building menus and buying food and supplies and what things you need to make different kinds of menus and more.
There are already four books I have to be reading so tonight I have a lot of homework and I need to be doing it.

I had an email about the Honesty post and all the comments and I am just letting it go. Have fun!

Time for me to go do a lot of reading!


  1. Have fun with school. But Question, Do you wear the dresses to school too or do you wear other clothing or a uniform? Just wondering. :)

  2. Oh yeah, I think that I remembered a friend mentioning that it pretty much all chemistry for the begining half. You'll do great though and time will seriously fly.

    Have fun:-)

  3. I wear black pants and a executive chef jacket. I have to have my hair pulled back and I wear a tshirt under it all. I had to read for six hours last night!
    Christie is doing all my chores and taking care of the babies so I did not not have to get up in the night which was nice. Have a nice day!

  4. Sounds so much better then my Nursing Scrubs that I have to wear to school some times. Nursing Scrubs can be so stiff sometimes and scratchy. I much rather wear black pants and a jacket.

    Thats great that Christie is doing your chores and taking care of the babies.

    Have fun at school.


  5. when i am reading for school i just realized that if i read out loud(when I'm alone) it goes by a lot faster. especially if what i am reading is boring, like most text books tend to be. just thought i would mention it. it also helped me remember more too.

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