Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

I expected 4th of July to be different and it was. Because it was on a Saturday the church decided to do a gathering at a camp and it was FUN!! It was close to Lake Tahoe and it was so beautiful. We had a bunch of cabins and we all got there on Friday and it was just so much fun all weekend! We had the church service today and Pastor Jeff gave the best sermon. He talked about how Christians have the worst arguments for why people should be Christian but that we live the best lives. And then he said the non-Christians have the best arguments for why they live like they do but then they all wish they could live our lives. It is a lot to think about and I will be thinking about it all week I am sure.

Macy really moved out here! I had my doubts for a few reasons but then she arrived on Thursday night and came to the camp out and now she has gone home with the couple she says she wants to marry. They don't have kids so Macy would be bringing children into the family for them and she's just fine with that. She seemed to just fit right in with everything like she was born in this. She says it is because she was in a pretty serious religion before this so this is actually really easy for her. I am going to go see her on Tuesday for lunch and we will get to talk a lot more than we did this weekend.

I didn't know about us going to the the camp out thing until Thursday night and then everyone was wondering why I didn't know about it. I guess I did not pay any attention to the talk. I heard somethings about camping and the weekend but I did not think it meant we were going. I just thought we would be there on Sunday for church is all.

I got to spend more time with some of the other wives and that was pretty cool. Melanie was my new friend from the weekend and she is all excited about me going to cooking school next month. She is a first wife and has been married for a year and is expecting her first baby. She is just three months along but is starting to show.

The weekend did a lot to cheer up Christie and Shari had a good time too. Shari's sister is at home and recovering from her surgery just fine. Thank you to anyone who prayed for her.

That is about enough for right now. It is late and I just wanted to write and say what was up.

I had an email asking me to take questions again and I will. So ask anything you want and I will try to answer it but please keep the questions nice okay? Thanks! (-:

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!


  1. I have been asking for like EVER. LOL.

    Did you get the patio thingy you wanted built on from your new room? lol.


  2. I totally agree with what Pastor Jeff said...he couldn't be more right.

  3. Can't say I agree with the Pastor, I think it is such as sweeping generalisation as to be pretty useless, since most religions do not proselyse, they don't feel the need to justify themselves so much as Christians (and to a lesser extent, Muslims) do.

    I daresay it gives people the warm happy feeling that they like but I am not envious of Christians and I don't know why one would get satisfaction from feeling that your lives are the envy of everyone? It comes from a rather insecure place.

    I don't know many people as positive as I am and I know loads of Christians!!


  4. I have to say I agree with Natja. I'm Christian, however, I class myself as Christian with Buddhist beliefs. I also think that the Christian religion as well as Catholic religions are way off base on many things...there are alot of unanswered questions that lead me to see that just maybe there's alot of tweeking and controlling in organized religions. To sort of gloat that everyone wants to be like you---well that reminds me of the movie mean girls...and they weren't all that happy were they? Now was just written's easy to see how that can happen...sometimes we can't convey someone else's message the way they conveyed it to us. Glad you had a good 4th!

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  6. We aren't very religious here. A lot of it actually stems from my sister-in-law who is a real bible thumper and very unaccepting of our lifestyle.

    She was actually the one that called me "the Other Wife" in sort of a mean way the first time I met her. Since then I've sort of been trying to make it my own and more empowering.

    Anyway...we have a few Christian friends and a few Muslim friends, some in the lifestyle, some that aren't. From what we've seen, most of them are happy, but I'm not sure how much that has to do with there religion as much as just the people they're with.

    I think a lot of people find faith reassuring. Whether that's faith in Christ, Islam, or whatever, doesn't seem to matter as much.


  7. There are plenty of unhappy Christians. Ironically, I think it's the pursuit of happiness above truth that gets in the way of us discovering a deeper relationship with God — one that satisfies our deepest need for love and belonging, even when our life experiences wouldn't lead us to necessarily be happy. When the going gets tough, the faithful run to God — the happy addicts look for a new drug.